Predicting the Unpredictable

“Change is the only constant”. We all take this sentence to be true. We have always looked backed on our experiences to find proof for this statement. We are also currently a generation which prides itself on saying “Being weird is cool”. We also believe in experimenting new things. But when was the last time we accepted change willingly when we last expected it. What assumptions did we make when we saw someone weird? When did we experiment with something without predicting the outcome.

From the very beginning, we have always tried predicting the outcome. Our “leaps of faith”, experiments, friends are all a result of predicting the result. How well this will serve me? return on investment, risk analysis etc. We all do risk analysis subconsciously. Even when someone completely changes their career, it’s because they always wanted to do something else in their heart. There was only a single option always for them, to do something they feel in their heart is for them. We have a whole range of labels for such acts. They range from stupid, idiotic to courageous, bold. But are these moves taken without any thought? We always weigh what we giving to what we are receiving. To take such a drastic step, we know they couldn’t bear a single moment in the same environment and that the change couldn’t be worse than it is right now. By doing this, we predicted what they are giving up to gain something. Such acts are surely courageous but we cannot label them as stupid acts because we unknowingly are analysing our situation.

Our friends also slowly reveal their inner secrets after predicting that telling us is ok and that their secrets won’t spread. No one will spill their secrets until they have predicted how the person is. We always predict how people will behave before we do something. Sometimes that leads to overestimating or underestimating the response. Connections can be easy or hard to form depending on what we assume about the person. By just certain actions and appearance, we assume how a person is. Those assumptions are the root cause for connections. That’s why “First impression is the last impression”

Predicting the outcome based on previous experiences and examples is something we do subconsciously. It is embedded in our genes. Man has always tried to be safe than sorry. Assumptions and predictions have helped us survive for so long. We also believe in “fitting in” and in the herd mentality. How much ever we say we dont, our actions say otherwise. This is how we know we will survive in this world. In the end, the game of life is a game of predicting the probabilities and proper estimations. 


A smile

Old memories trapped in plastic,

Hiding away a smile,

A genuine and awkward grin,

A smile for the moment, 

Not the camera or phone,

Last of its kind in this lifetime? 

The flash of light,

To shine the teeth,

Now blinding bursts of white,

Where candid is a real photo,

So are the others fake? 

‘Smile’ reduced to a command,

Only an action of muscles,

‘I can’t smile’ my dilemma,

‘It’s your catchphrase’,

Now I can smile again,

Muscles or feelings,

I am not sure anymore.

A Fluttering Life

The phone buzzes,

A crying voice makes my heart heavy,

Memories flash before my eyes,

Times I saw you smile,

Times I saw you cry,

Someone who always fought for me,

Unbend, unyielding,

Yet somehow today you gave up,

Was it a mask I saw everyday? 

Hiding the war underneath,

Did my voice die away in the battle cry? 

If I screamed louder, 

Would things have been different?

The despair and guilt eat me away,

Like a vulture gnawing my heart,

The storm brews around me,

Rain and thunder inside me,

Your voice brings me back,

Finally gone crazy, I think,

But I see a white figure,

Beautiful, elegant and ephemeral,

It is you, from the heavens above,

Your kiss, a breath of life,

I feel my tensions fade away,

“You are free now from your burden”

I hear as I wake up with eyes wide open,

Now with a fire in my soul,

I walk to face the new day.

Uncharted Music #3

For this article, We will look into the band “Half Moon Run”. They are an Indie rock and pop band. Their first song I heard was “Full Circle” which was played in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag trailer.
A beautiful trailer with a very unique tune. After I downloaded the song and searched for the band but they weren’t very popular. They did not have a Vevo channel but only their own. I heard their other songs like ‘She wants to know’ ‘Give up’ ‘Call me in the afternoon’ and others from their debut album “Dark Eyes”. They have a series of unique and distinct songs that separates them from the rest of the bands.

They continued this trend with their sophomore album “Sun leads me on” which again had good songs like ‘Turn your love’ ‘Trust’ ‘Narrow Margins’ 

Their songs may not have the greatest lyrics but they surely have some of the ‘out of this world’ tunes.

Their original channel along with their Vevo channels are great places to listen their songs.

Rise and Set

Everyone likes sunrise and sunset. There is something beautiful about them. But mainly it is about the warm palette of colours, how the red mixes with yellow. How each day we can see different colours, from the pink to golden yellow during sunset. Sunrise has its own set of colours ranging from purple to yellow. But something that everyone sees is how these events represent beginnings and endings.

In our journey, beginnings and ends mean everything. We start with a bang and end with a bang. In our entire lives, the mosr memorable days are from either the first few weeks and the last few ones. We like big and spectacular starts and ends. “The journey matters and not the destination”, a common sentences we hear in our everyday life. But how many of us really like the journey more than the destination? Our destination is a sign of an accomplishment. It shows us that if we work hard we can achieve anything. But if we fail, the journey is, sometimes, a reminder of our redundant hard work. When have we decided to do something from the beginning even if we know we will fail? Our destination has always been an important thing. Its outcome is always a multiplying factor to the value our journet has, 1 if we reach it else 0.

No one ever admires the sky at noon. It is just blue everywhere with white clouds. The day represents our journey where everyone likes the sunrise and sunset but no one talks about the time in between. But as it is said “our journey is very important”. It is the set of events that makes us who we are. We may fail at the end but we will never be the same as before. Take an example of a relationship. If it fails we become wary of such future relations, partner or friend. If it keeps on working, then we believe in something like love and soulmates. But for everyone, all that matters is that whether it worked or no. Even if we fail at something, we feel guilty and ashamed of it and if we succeed, we feel pride. What if your success was at the cost of your principles and your relations and your failure made you finally realise what you wanted to do, your calling.

Our lives have always been defined by results. What did you achieve? How much did you score? Questions like what did you gain or lose are never asked. Maybe next time we achieve something or don’t, ask yourself what did I gain and give up to reach here. 


A sky lighted by thousand lights,

Stuck in my mind and heart,

I flew to towards it with my wings,

As I raced towards it, rain started,

Each drop bringing back memories,

Cruel and unrelenting,

Now in an ocean of these memories, I sink,

My eyes swell, Is it the memories or the water?

Light disappears until only a ray remains,

I remember your face as sadness washes over it,

I remember a promise I made,

I will always smile so that you never cry,

All my bonds light a fire inside my fluttering heart,

It glows and dispels the darkness,

With hope in my arms, I break through the surface,

I race towards the lights,

So that I can write a beautiful ending to this story of mine

A Green Story

I remember everything about my childhood, when I was just a sapling. “What a beautiful child she is” everyone said around me. My mother so big and beautiful, full of life and compassion. I wanted to be like her. I would do anything to please her. Everyone around me was kind too. They helped me grow up. Giving me their life force in some way. It was a happy childhood. But nothing lasts forever. Soon there was talk about a plague in the area. Many had fallen victim to it. Slowly dying and withering away. Soon some started drying. I distinctly remember, the strings around their body. As if slowly, it is suffocating it and killing them. My mother caught it. I was young but I knew I had limited time with her. It would be soon that even I would have ropes around me and killing me. Many of my friends were victims too. They died faster compared to the elders. Some of the lucky were safe but safe is only relative. They had to witness their mothers die. I wished to get the disease so that I could be with my mother. But my mother would never have allowed it if it was within her power. She told me “I will protect you with my life”. I think she really did. No matter how bad the disease was, she kept smiling and always helped me. She survived the longest during the plague. It was as if she was holding on to life with sheer will power and love. In the little time I had with her, she taught me everything she could. About life, other creatures, compassion and love. On her last day, the skies darkened and with her last breath, the rain fell. The sky cried with me. But soon it stopped and the sun was shining. I still feel that her soul was so pure, the Gods rejoiced for she returned to her rightful place among them.

Soon the places were filled by others. Every summer, we would give shade and food to the animals. Soon rain would fall, giving us the much needed water. Our arms would be moist and cool. Soon my arms would change colour and become bare and soon covered back in summer with different colours along with green. The circle would begin again,Circle of Life, as my elders told me. They taught me so many things after my mom passed away. How sometimes I will be hurt by others for their own purposes. They told me that my job was to give as we are creations of God and represent him. So just like him, we are supposed to help everyone in anyway we can. This whole world is his creation and everyone is helping everyone out in their own way. Sometimes word would spread that my relatives have burnt down due the orange flower caused by lightning. It was sad but everyone around me believed that they had been chosen to return back to the sea of souls. They would sing that night in their honour and praying for their safe passage.

Darker days were up ahead. Suddenly news started coming in that a nearby patch was completely cleared by some creatures. They had cut down my friends and had taken the place they occupied as their home. From their very corpses they built their homes. They would create the orange flower by burning their corpses. With years their area increased and my relatives, friends, elders, everyone I knew disappeared. Chopped down by those creatures. Some were still around but they would be secluded away in small portions. I was slowly surrounded with stones. My legs were restricted to a small portion. I would still help them. Give them shelter, shade and food whenever they desired. I would reach out to those small holes in the stones and give them fresh water and shade. I would see other relatives in the holes with cages around them. I would talk to them occasionally and give them water or shade. But soon my arms were cut off and I couldn’t give them anything. In the following years, I saw some of them in different clothes with things in their hand. They started tieing ropes around my body and prayed to me. I wondered what it was. They cut off my arms, restricted me in this small place and still pray to me for my blessings for their well being. Is this what even God faces? I was taught to be giving and that’s what i would do, pray for their well being.

Time passed by, I would give birds a home to live. I would give my arms so that they could rest. They always gave me company. But slowly lesser birds would come. Loneliness would come more often. I would expect the winds to carry my voice to the nearby trees and have conversations with them. But the winds were not dependable, they weren’t punctual at all. Sometimes they would take a break and sometimes everyone single one would work overtime. A bird comes by “Thank you Mam for giving my family a home and place to stay. I know it must have been hurtful for you to let me make a hole in you and live in it”. I ask the bird to sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep and wake up next to my Mother.