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A smile

Old memories trapped in plastic,

Hiding away a smile,

A genuine and awkward grin,

A smile for the moment, 

Not the camera or phone,

Last of its kind in this lifetime? 

The flash of light,

To shine the teeth,

Now blinding bursts of white,

Where candid is a real photo,

So are the others fake? 

‘Smile’ reduced to a command,

Only an action of muscles,

‘I can’t smile’ my dilemma,

‘It’s your catchphrase’,

Now I can smile again,

Muscles or feelings,

I am not sure anymore.


A Fluttering Life

The phone buzzes,

A crying voice makes my heart heavy,

Memories flash before my eyes,

Times I saw you smile,

Times I saw you cry,

Someone who always fought for me,

Unbend, unyielding,

Yet somehow today you gave up,

Was it a mask I saw everyday? 

Hiding the war underneath,

Did my voice die away in the battle cry? 

If I screamed louder, 

Would things have been different?

The despair and guilt eat me away,

Like a vulture gnawing my heart,

The storm brews around me,

Rain and thunder inside me,

Your voice brings me back,

Finally gone crazy, I think,

But I see a white figure,

Beautiful, elegant and ephemeral,

It is you, from the heavens above,

Your kiss, a breath of life,

I feel my tensions fade away,

“You are free now from your burden”

I hear as I wake up with eyes wide open,

Now with a fire in my soul,

I walk to face the new day.


A sky lighted by thousand lights,

Stuck in my mind and heart,

I flew to towards it with my wings,

As I raced towards it, rain started,

Each drop bringing back memories,

Cruel and unrelenting,

Now in an ocean of these memories, I sink,

My eyes swell, Is it the memories or the water?

Light disappears until only a ray remains,

I remember your face as sadness washes over it,

I remember a promise I made,

I will always smile so that you never cry,

All my bonds light a fire inside my fluttering heart,

It glows and dispels the darkness,

With hope in my arms, I break through the surface,

I race towards the lights,

So that I can write a beautiful ending to this story of mine

Short poems with haikus

Shining golden sun,

Casting shadows on the ground,

No plumule grows there



Waves crash on the rocks,

Breaks into million pieces,

Like my soul and heart



Birds fly in the sky,

My soul soars above the clouds,

But chained to the ground



The prey gallops towards his deathbed,

His claws colour the snow in red



Green, Yellow, Red,

The leaves change colour and fall,

The earth accepts them all.



Flowers thrown in the sea,

As offerings each,

All returned back to the beach



In the desert, the red ball burns

Leaves turn thorns to save what everyone yearns



“Carry my children away

from this cruel world, Great Bird”

Said the tree.



A plant grows from the soil,

Roots dig deeper into its ancestor’s grave



As the summer ends,

Flames on the Gulmohar tree,

The rain sets them free.



The sun sets,

I wait for the birds’ last song,

Before their slumber long.



Alone in the forest,

I walk to silence my mind,

Crickets chirp around.



“I fly” said the fish,

While gasping for air to breathe,

Talons were his wings.



Alone in the hut,

“Will you sing with me?” I ask,

The nearby gold lark.



I am never alone in my hut,

Sun, Moon, Plum blossoms give me company.



The pearl hidden inside the oyster,

Are you the pearl or the oyster?

Young and Alive

​Young and lively,

Weird and hopeful,

Soon dark clouds came,

But that didn’t waver his spirit,

He understood and never crossed the line,

He did what was right and ethical,

The world didnt and condemned him,

That didn’t affect him and he continued on his path,

A path with little support from everyone around,

Abused, beaten he carried on,

Soon everyone turned away,

He thought he won,

But really people didnt care anymore,

They got what they wanted,

So now they were done,

He still smiled though not the same as before,

He helped his friends in their dilemmas,

He expected nothing but their presence in his life,

But priorities change, like they always have,

Soon he was left with the ghosts of the past, 

He suppressed his emotions, Inhibited them, 

But every now and then, it would rain,

Filling up the dam slowly,

He would occasionally relieve the pressure but it was never enough,

Finally one day it all broke out,

It rained heavily that day, 

Walking in the rain, a turmoil in his brain,

What should he do for it to stop,

He looked up to see the black clouds,

“Long time no see my friend”

He said smiling as raindrops rolled down his cheeks,

He asked “What should I do? Tell me”

The rain stopped and then there was a ray on sunlight. 

Inner Demons

​Woke up to the sound of thunder, 

It feels just like the time of my blunder, 

Is this all destined? Decided beforehand? 

If I do this will I reach my goal? 

Or do I go even further than it? 

Are they being insincere? 

Or am I overthinking it? 

Are people helping me? 

Or are they just pointing out my mistakes? 

Are they seeing, feeling what I am? 

Or are they just pretending? 

Do I get my wishes fulfilled? 

Or do I fulfil their wishes? 

Am I being selfless or stupid? 

What is more? What is less? 

Will someone help me with my dilemmas? 

Or am I supposed to deal with them alone? 

Forever walking on the edge, 

Always knowing what is over the ledge, 

How do you act then? 

How blissful it must be, 

To be unaware of one side of the coin,

To always know whatever happens, 

It will always be heads

There is no way out it seems, 

My Curse and My Gift, 

To feel what others feel, 

To see what others see, 

Forever in search of someone, 

Who can feel what I feel, 

See what I see, 

I hope to meet them someday, 

Maybe they can give solace, 

Maybe….. Someday.