Uncharted Music #2

In this article, I will be elaborating on a band called “Bastille“. Their most popular is song ‘Pompeii’. They are an indie pop band. The lead singer Dan Smith has a very distinctive voice. They, like all major bands, release albums with original songs and beats. Along with it, they release another album called “Other People’s Heartache” which contains their version of older songs. They are a unique band with amazing songs.

I came across them via Fifa’s soundtrack. It contained their song “Weight of Living”. After looking them up on YouTube, i heard their cover “Of The Night”. It was a mesmerising song with a unique beat. Their two albums ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Wild World’ have song amazingly written songs with unique and poppy beats.

Some of their best songs include

  • Pompeii
  • Things we lost in the fire
  • These Streets
  • Flaws
  • Power
  • Campus
  • Fake it
  • Adagio for strings
  • No angels
  • Torn apart
  • Of the Night
  • I just died in your arms

The last song in this list is a cover for a classic song by cutting crew. “I was the match and you were the rock, Maybe we started this fire” from ‘Things we lost in the fire’ showcase their prowess in lyrics. 

Their YouTube, Spotify profiles are as good as any to start listening to their songs. 


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