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Predicting the Unpredictable

“Change is the only constant”. We all take this sentence to be true. We have always looked backed on our experiences to find proof for this statement. We are also currently a generation which prides itself on saying “Being weird is cool”. We also believe in experimenting new things. But when was the last time we accepted change willingly when we last expected it. What assumptions did we make when we saw someone weird? When did we experiment with something without predicting the outcome.

From the very beginning, we have always tried predicting the outcome. Our “leaps of faith”, experiments, friends are all a result of predicting the result. How well this will serve me? return on investment, risk analysis etc. We all do risk analysis subconsciously. Even when someone completely changes their career, it’s because they always wanted to do something else in their heart. There was only a single option always for them, to do something they feel in their heart is for them. We have a whole range of labels for such acts. They range from stupid, idiotic to courageous, bold. But are these moves taken without any thought? We always weigh what we giving to what we are receiving. To take such a drastic step, we know they couldn’t bear a single moment in the same environment and that the change couldn’t be worse than it is right now. By doing this, we predicted what they are giving up to gain something. Such acts are surely courageous but we cannot label them as stupid acts because we unknowingly are analysing our situation.

Our friends also slowly reveal their inner secrets after predicting that telling us is ok and that their secrets won’t spread. No one will spill their secrets until they have predicted how the person is. We always predict how people will behave before we do something. Sometimes that leads to overestimating or underestimating the response. Connections can be easy or hard to form depending on what we assume about the person. By just certain actions and appearance, we assume how a person is. Those assumptions are the root cause for connections. That’s why “First impression is the last impression”

Predicting the outcome based on previous experiences and examples is something we do subconsciously. It is embedded in our genes. Man has always tried to be safe than sorry. Assumptions and predictions have helped us survive for so long. We also believe in “fitting in” and in the herd mentality. How much ever we say we dont, our actions say otherwise. This is how we know we will survive in this world. In the end, the game of life is a game of predicting the probabilities and proper estimations. 


The Contradictions We Live

We have been living in societies since ages. We are social beings afterall. We have evolved over time. We have become sophisticated, as some would say. If look at the kids today they are much smarter than us, when we were at that same age. What makes us different from animals, is our mind and thinking. We possess immense thinking capabilities. It only through our brain and curiosity that today we are so technologically advanced. But this increased capability has come with its own share of cons. We no longer possess a simple mind set. We arent restricted to simple emotions anymore. We experience complex emotions. Greed, Lust, Pride, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, Envy – These are 7 deadly sins, as put forth by Christianity. We all possess them. We dont exercise them all the time but sometimes we do exercise them with reason and sometimes with no reason. Animals on the other hand are free from them. They never over eat, never show unwanted aggression. They only have sexual encounters to keep their species alive. But we do everything in excess sometimes to the point that it is a waste.

But slowly some people are understanding their flaws and try to be a better self. We see online pictures saying to be always truthful. We say “Tell me the truth, dont lie to me” But in reality, we cannot handle the truth. Truth is and always will be bitter. If someone criticises you, our first immediate response is to prove them wrong and probably abuse them. Maybe after some time we see our flaws and try to not continue doing them. But eventually we all into the same loop. We tell our friends and family “I will change, give me some time” But it is very rare for the change to become a constant.

When we are at our lowest point we are open to the greatest change- Avatar Aang

Once we are back to normal and are criticised again, we just bypass the whole conversation by saying that we tried. Somehow trying, in this case, means it is ok if dont change. Can we say when we promise to someone that we will change, we are giving hope to someone. When we dont fulfil our promise, we are betraying someone. If someone were to betray our trust or not deliver what we promised, we would stop believing that person and be angry with them. We would probably look for someone who can keep their promises. But if someone were to replace us, we would speak ill of that person even antagonise them in front of other people. We ourselves sometimes cannot criticise others because of the fear if the above mentioned thing will happen with us. We speak of having proper etiquettes while sometimes we dont even have the bare minimum

We speak of equality among all races, religion, sex etc. But there is not really a proper sense of equality anywhere. Initially there was “All whites are superior” But over the course of time, this ideology was reduced. There was a time when black people were treated like slaves and objects. But by the help of various international figures, this idea was abolished. But now we are free of that idea or are we? We still face racism in some parts. No idea can ever be destroyed completely. If someone would cast the black guy in a minor role or would show him as a bad guy while the rest of the crew is white and are good people, this is racism and bad. But if we “exchange the colours” here, suddenly it isnt racist. If the black guy is given an antagonistic role in a movie, the critic might point out that it was racist in doing so. But by doing so, isnt the critic himself being a racist where he expects the black guy to land all the nice roles.

In India, there are various reservations for various castes and tribes in education and jobs. Yes, it was imperative initially when they weren’t given enough chances but now it isnt the same case. Now it is the finances that has come into picture. Somehow being in the general category has become a curse. A kid with 4 GPA isnt given admission into college but a 3 GPA kid is. Why? Because the later belongs to a Scheduled caste. It doesn’t matter evenif the former’s family is just above the poverty line and latter kid has a iPhone and car just for him. Corruption has been a big problem. Everyone will say it is wrong but at the same time, someone will be bribing someone.

Teachers also take part in a double standard lifestyle. They expect the students to be sincere but their wrong doings are never punished properly. If a teacher does punish them, they regarded as evil, mean and “khadoos”. But we ourselves make it our life’s agenda to punish someone for their wrong doing. Trump has been in the headlines ever since he became the president. He promised to make more jobs for Americans. Everyone has slammed him for this. Has anyone given a second thought to his actions? Maybe what he is doing is for his own countrymen. In America a large chunk of jobs are taken by immigrants. We wont understand their dilemma as our jobs arent exactly being snatched up by people from other countries. An example that some would understand is China’s control over production of various goods. Almost everything is manufactured there. The whole market is flooded with cheaper models. It is after all natural to buy something cheaper. Who would by 1000 rupees ear pods for a 350 rupees china headphones. Even though the ear pods may work for maybe 3/4 months extra but still the person is able to save money.

All of us are inside this loop. We cant empathise properly with anyone. We all believe in something but do something different. We have mother in laws who prefer a grandson over a granddaughter. People in the upper strata that perform such heinous acts that makes you question the whole society. Hopefully with time, we will be able to see beyond the black and white. We could let go of the dualistic thinking. Afterall with this intelligence, we see not only the black and white but also the shades between them.

Talk Like You Text

There is an increase in social messaging apps in the past few years. After the overwhelming success of WhatsApp everyone has started their own version like Telegram (a personal favourite), Viber, Allo, Hangouts and the list goes on. These have become an integral part of our lives. Almost everyone with such an app will either text someone or change his display picture (dp), status or will probably stalk his contact list by browsing through their dps and statuses. Very few people lead a non whatsapp life. Our parents might be a part of them. They might just use them to send greetings, important news and photos. Else they would prefer to meet or call their friends and family. While some of our parents have perfectly integrated the apps into their lives like us.

What was WhatsApp supposed to be? I feel it was supposed to be a substitute for the SMS services and a way for people to know about your availability. It was supposed to be a means by which we could send text messages for free instead of paying SMS charges. It was made a paid app so as to control its growth. But didnt stop its popularity. Eventually it was made free and it exploded. Each phone had this app. But like each and everything that made man’s life easy or somehow gave him some kind of power, it started being misused. It became a substitution for talking with people. Since this was the direction in which the app was going, the developers started introducing features to simulate a conversation. Last seen, the ominous blue ticks, voice calls, video calls all are a form to mimic a real life conversations.

Last seen, a way to see if the individual is present or no. Blue ticks to see if the person “heard” what you said. Soon a feature to screenshot conversations, because we can’t remember everything. If we really see, this has become a form of talking. Since it’s just text with no emotions, emoticons were introduced. Though there are certain debatable topics for which emoji means what, they are still used. These emojis add emotion to our chats in a way. What makes these so dangerous is that we can see all this. The last seen and blue ticks. God help you if your last seen is later than the message sent by your patner/parents/bffs. If you see the message and dont reply almost instantaneously, it is very much possible to see your obituary in the paper. But often the last seen and blue ticks show wrong information. Afterall the message and information delivery to your phone depends on many factors like your and your friend’s net connectivity, the load on the app’s server etc. If you hide your last seen or remove blue ticks, it can be seen as a way to hide your true feelings/emotions/status with someone. It is, in a way, hiding from a certain section of your social life. Sometimes people are too busy to reply which can be disheartening. What is even more sad is when people dont reply to your repeated messages. We have certain etiquettes when we meet someone. It would sure be helpful if someone laid down certain dos and donts for texting. The greatest way someone can show that they dislike you is when they block you. It is almost similar to ignoring someone.

The dps are probably a way to identify that this is the right contact number you have. But nowadays some people put random pictures or of a gift they received. The function of status has also changed. If you look at the inbuilt options, they include Available, Busy, At work etc, all of these show your availability. But now we use them to write our state of mind or a quote we read somewhere. Type “status” in Google and the first page has sites dedicated to good and innovative whatsapp statuses. Also it has become a social norm to put a dp with the “bday guy/girl” and a status saying “Happy bday” for them. Over the course of time, we have learnt to give an original twist by putting a personal message. Also on Independence Day, we have to put a tricolour flag as a dp or our childhood photo on Children’s Day. We change our whatsapp dp in support of a cause. “Change your dp to a black dot to show your support for No Rape”. This concept still eludes me. How will a dp change show my support. I have to do something for it. Call Police, if i see a girl being eve-teased if i cant physically drive her teasers away

But has this change in the form of communication affected us? Yes, to an extent. Even though our main form of communication has become through texts, we still occasionally try to hangout with our friends. All of us will agree that we have better memories when we hangout with our friends. Texting is just like alot of starter. It is always when we are physically present that matters. That is always the main course. No amount of starters can beat the main course. The texting format uses the human nature of not saying about our feelings. Earlier people would write letters or chits to say what they wanted to. We do the same but we do it all the time for everything. This has made us socially awkward. We cant talk freely about our feelings with ours bffs/family verbally. We are much more comfortable to do it via texts. We live in a very paradoxical society. Where we want to talk about our problems via texts but only a warm and comforting voice will help us through our ordeals. No wonder, it is our school friends that last the most in our lives. We spend 10 years, if not more, with them. Afterall a face to face conversation is more fun than a face to screen conversation. 

Can I Taste It ?? 

When we go into an ice cream parlor, we see these wide range of flavours. Chocolate, chocolate nuts, American nuts, Cake and Caramel etc. You cant decide what you want and all seem delicious. So how do you solve this conundrum? You ask the guy “Can I taste this flavour?” After tasting all, you decide you want to go with Anjeer and honey (Not a bad flavour if anyone was wondering). When you decide to go for clothes shopping. Same scenario. Instead of eating them, you see in which set of shirts or tops you look amazing. It is by default that clothing outlets have change rooms for you try on the clothes. But for many things you cant check if it is what it sounds like. Packed food is a great example. Probably the schezwan flavour noodles have no flavour only when you eat them. Sometimes you go in a restaurant you see a lovely sounding dish, only to realise that it is not that great. Usually for such situations, we will order only one, taste it and order more. The most common example is life. In life you have to choose something and live with it for the rest of your life. This is the story with most of us. 

From childhood, we have to choose things and live with those consequences, good or bad. We plead, do tantrums for that one toy or chocolate. Our parents, give in looking at our puppy faces. They give us what we want but sometimes we dont like it. We say we want something else but our parents wont budge now. So we now live with our choice of toy. We are sad but a tad bit wiser. Sometimes we have to choose a future career at an age of 16. Teenage, what an age it is, the most confusing time of our entire life. Wondering where I am in my life, keeping myself fashionable so that my crush can notice me, the will to try new and daring things. At this age, we are asked to choose a path that we will have to follow for the rest of our lives. Sometimes we choose a right path but falter in the following choices. Sometimes it is a wrong path altogether. What happens if we choose a wrong path? Live with it or so the society has led us to believe. There is taboo with such things. Once you decide the path of “science” and spent 2 years only to realise that this isn’t what you want to do, people say you have to stay on “science” only. It is wrong to go to “arts” and try it. Those 2 years you already spent must mean something. Going to “arts” will make it worthless. “What will you tell people?” “This isn’t worth the risk” These are some thoughts that you have or your parents/friends/relatives put in your head. So what do we do? We just live with our choices, trying to hold on and grasping at whatever happiness we find in it.

Sometimes when we decide to opt for a specific job, we assume this is how my job will be. But what a surprise it comes when we start doing it. This is not what I thought it would be like. Majority of the time, it is in a negative way. Afterall 60% of people are unhappy at their jobs. But by this time, we are adults. We have various responsibilities. It seems too risky to change your job now. You are surrounded by these risk and reward systems. But usually the risk is somehow very high. We rather be unhappy at our jobs than take a leap of faith for a better and happier one. Sometimes the situations demand you to be chained to that job,like for financial stability you would suffer at that job. Very few people have the guts to change their jobs. Even fewer people are rewarded for this sadly. Like everyone on this earth, people ask the one question “Why be a cook/writer/banker after doing engineering/medicine?”  Somehow this thing comes off as they are doubting you. They doubt your abilities and decision making skills. Sometimes they really do, as i mentioned above, taboo it is to change a major decision. Evenif some do change their professions, sometimes it is too late. Many change it, when they are older and the risk has lessened. Their kid is older now. He doesn’t have to take care of his family now, since there is a new man in the house. It is now that they find peace, after years of sailing in uncharted waters.

These same things arise in relationships. Your friend or bestie or love patner. These things always start with trial and error. You like someone and most of the time they like you too. So how does the relationship become intimate? You open up from a bud to a flower with them and you wait to see if they also are opening up or no. Sometimes they do sometimes they dont. But if they dont, the relationship usually ends as it seems one sided. This whole thing, you cant predict. Unless you try it you wont know. And unfortunately this will stick with you. This might often affect your decision making skills. It is upto us how to take this in whether it a big chapter or a side  note. Sometimes your choice is right and you will find someone who is just amazing and no one can take the place they have created, just like kawai-sakura. Arranged marriages are examples where you have to live through them. Though nowadays people just tend to divorce sooner. It is just so simple to hear “We are different and incompatible”. But where do you decide where to stop trying to make it work?

It is so weird this world we live in. We have choices but we dont have the time to try them all out like we can in an ice cream parlor. It is a taboo to change a life decision and most often it is because of the type of situation we are in that makes us unable to do so. Maybe sometime down the line, we can make such decisions with ease and that make our lives better. 

Trust in me

In every relationship there usually comes a time where you start doubting your friend, patner. The reasons can be endless. The usual and the most basic/primary reason is that there is some form of a trust breach. Maybe your friend has lied to you about him/her like saying they are busy with some work and at the same moment you see them posting pictures on social networking sites. Maybe your patner has started talking more about a person of the opposite sex and that person becomes the main topic of discussion for the couple or they start hanging out with that person and seem to have more fun with him/her.

When such things happen we feel that the other person isnt giving the same importance we give them. We dont have the problem with the subject of the lie but what bothers us most is why the person lies and whether they trust you or no. Closer the person is to you, the more it hurts. But the question should be should it hurt you so much. Shouldn’t we have more trust on them? The people about whom we are talking about are those with whom we connect. We should trust that they will have a good reason for what they did. We can always confront them about it if it becomes too excessive. We should have faith in these people and not worry too much about it. Sure it is tough but we can work towards it. 

On the other side of the coin, if we ever do this, we lie to the people we care. We usually do it for a good reason or that it is very trivial and means nothing to anyone. But we have to understand that people are smart and when we lie it leaves a trail. It is the computer age after all blue ticks, last seen etc. We shouldn’t lie to such people. Even if we do we should own up to those mistakes. Obviously they will be angry but they will understand your reasons. Still it is much better for you to own up than them figuring out you lied via other means. 

Another reason is bringing up of a person in a conversation. The other person becomes such a hot topic in the conversations you start feeling jealous. What we dont consider is that this person connects with your patner/friend in unique way and that excites them and you are the person they want to share the excitement. Like anything new, we are most excited in the beginning but what matters is the “after” part. You have managed to keep the excitement going even in the “after” part. You cannot be replaced because if you can be then your relationship means nothing. If something similar were to happen to you, the yin to your yang would also be jealous. So maybe during that time, you could bring the other person less often and simultaneously show sweet gestures to your ‘yin’. This way you never end up making your friend/patner jealous or sad.

We are humans and it is our natural behaviour to save ourselves from pain. That is why we see the negatives and choose to be safe than sorry. It is difficult to take the leap of faith. But it is not impossible. Maybe we should take a leap of faith for the people we care and who knows it just might be the most important decision which saved your relationship.

Treasure is uncovered by the force of flowing water, and it is buried by the same currents
 Paulo Coelho

Social Media – A Way Not to Fade Away

Social Media ranges from Facebook,Twitter to Youtube,Vine. I just happen to be from the generation who were introduced to Facebook in their early teens while Whatsapp in our 18’s. I look at myself right now on what I wish to post on the social media apps and I realize how much thought i put into posting something.

What do we do on social media ? On Facebook we post various pictures and messages showing our ideal and perfect lives. Snapchat involving live photos and videos involves the same thing. Vine and Youtube, we upload videos which offer something different or new. Gaming channels, Funny videos, Challenges (the new phenomenon everyone has to do). I personally uploaded Ed Sheeran Music Concert videos so that I could upload something to my channel.

I usually measure how good I am by viewing the likes, number of views. It gives me a sense of accomplishment if I get a certain amount of likes. On Whatsapp I always try to find a display picture and a corresponding status for it.

We try to put some twist into these posts/vines/snaps. Some caption involving a quote or something funny or something meaningful. We believe it will enhance our posts and make it standout in the news feed, not consciously at times.  

Recently all this has got me thinking. Why do We do this ?  We post images to show how nice our lives are. Maybe it is just that we need a nod from the society that we have perfect lives. We stand out in the crowd by these things. We like the attention we get. With an increase in social sites, human interaction has lessened. Whatsapp cant make up for our personalities. In the end we dont want to fade away in the crowd. We want to be seen. We want to leave something in the lives of people.

What we fear the most is fading away. We want our lives to matter. The film “A Beautiful Mind” shows us how John Nash wanted to do something original so that he could matter. We know that social media leaves a permanent mark. Social media wont vanish. For people from my generation, now facebook is a very embarassing place thanks to stalking done by our friends. In our early teens we posted everything about our lives, feelings on facebook. Maybe it was a vent for us or to show our friends what our lives are. With our unique and witty posts we will always remain. Even this blog is a way of immortalizing myself on the World Wide Web. Some of us accept this fact and try to change. You stop thinking about the number of likes and just post because we want to save this memory somewhere. Always ask yourself why are you posting it. If it is for the likes,maybe we need to change ourselves a lil.