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A Green Story

I remember everything about my childhood, when I was just a sapling. “What a beautiful child she is” everyone said around me. My mother so big and beautiful, full of life and compassion. I wanted to be like her. I would do anything to please her. Everyone around me was kind too. They helped me grow up. Giving me their life force in some way. It was a happy childhood. But nothing lasts forever. Soon there was talk about a plague in the area. Many had fallen victim to it. Slowly dying and withering away. Soon some started drying. I distinctly remember, the strings around their body. As if slowly, it is suffocating it and killing them. My mother caught it. I was young but I knew I had limited time with her. It would be soon that even I would have ropes around me and killing me. Many of my friends were victims too. They died faster compared to the elders. Some of the lucky were safe but safe is only relative. They had to witness their mothers die. I wished to get the disease so that I could be with my mother. But my mother would never have allowed it if it was within her power. She told me “I will protect you with my life”. I think she really did. No matter how bad the disease was, she kept smiling and always helped me. She survived the longest during the plague. It was as if she was holding on to life with sheer will power and love. In the little time I had with her, she taught me everything she could. About life, other creatures, compassion and love. On her last day, the skies darkened and with her last breath, the rain fell. The sky cried with me. But soon it stopped and the sun was shining. I still feel that her soul was so pure, the Gods rejoiced for she returned to her rightful place among them.

Soon the places were filled by others. Every summer, we would give shade and food to the animals. Soon rain would fall, giving us the much needed water. Our arms would be moist and cool. Soon my arms would change colour and become bare and soon covered back in summer with different colours along with green. The circle would begin again,Circle of Life, as my elders told me. They taught me so many things after my mom passed away. How sometimes I will be hurt by others for their own purposes. They told me that my job was to give as we are creations of God and represent him. So just like him, we are supposed to help everyone in anyway we can. This whole world is his creation and everyone is helping everyone out in their own way. Sometimes word would spread that my relatives have burnt down due the orange flower caused by lightning. It was sad but everyone around me believed that they had been chosen to return back to the sea of souls. They would sing that night in their honour and praying for their safe passage.

Darker days were up ahead. Suddenly news started coming in that a nearby patch was completely cleared by some creatures. They had cut down my friends and had taken the place they occupied as their home. From their very corpses they built their homes. They would create the orange flower by burning their corpses. With years their area increased and my relatives, friends, elders, everyone I knew disappeared. Chopped down by those creatures. Some were still around but they would be secluded away in small portions. I was slowly surrounded with stones. My legs were restricted to a small portion. I would still help them. Give them shelter, shade and food whenever they desired. I would reach out to those small holes in the stones and give them fresh water and shade. I would see other relatives in the holes with cages around them. I would talk to them occasionally and give them water or shade. But soon my arms were cut off and I couldn’t give them anything. In the following years, I saw some of them in different clothes with things in their hand. They started tieing ropes around my body and prayed to me. I wondered what it was. They cut off my arms, restricted me in this small place and still pray to me for my blessings for their well being. Is this what even God faces? I was taught to be giving and that’s what i would do, pray for their well being.

Time passed by, I would give birds a home to live. I would give my arms so that they could rest. They always gave me company. But slowly lesser birds would come. Loneliness would come more often. I would expect the winds to carry my voice to the nearby trees and have conversations with them. But the winds were not dependable, they weren’t punctual at all. Sometimes they would take a break and sometimes everyone single one would work overtime. A bird comes by “Thank you Mam for giving my family a home and place to stay. I know it must have been hurtful for you to let me make a hole in you and live in it”. I ask the bird to sing me a lullaby so that I can sleep and wake up next to my Mother.


Chapter 8: Family Issues

Now Prillin said ” I am coming go next. Send someone strong”. Gohan said ” I will fight him. Everyone else has fixed fights” Prillin and Gohan started fighting. Prillin was nothing like Krillin. He was more aggressive and more skilled. Gohan may have been stronger before but he didn’t train after the Buu attack. He was less skillful evenif his power was greater. There was a marginal difference since the sealing drugs were working. Prillin attacked Gohan from every direction. A kick, punch and energy black. Due to his small stature he was fast and was able to dodge all of Gohan’s attacks. But Gohan didn’t give up. He knew what was at stake. He gave it his all. He screamed in anger as he wasnt able to land even a single punch. For a brief moment his power increased. Everyone was shocked. The parallel versions were confused. They thought on how Gohan managed to increase his power even after he was under the effects of the drugs. This small increase was enough to give Gohan the upper edge and he KOed Prillin in one hit. He once hit him and said “This was for sacrificing your family, you scum”.

Next bout was Kami vs Piccolo. Both removed their outfits. Both of them well down and created a “thud” indicating how heavy they were. Piccolo said “It seems you have my mind atleast” Kami replied “I was going to say the same thing. Let’s see what else YOU have” Both flew towards each others. Their fists connected creating a shock wave. Piccolo said “You have good power”. Kami said “Thank you. Now see my speed”. He teleported behind him but Piccolo parried the attack. Both smiled. Their power and speed were the same. There wasnt much difference. Both were throwing punches and shooting energy blasts. Some were countered by the other, some weren’t. Finally Piccolo said “Time to end this” and he stood in a very familiar stance and he raised his hands and started raising his ki. Kami was shocked. Piccolo’s power was increasing. Kakarotto exclaimed ” How is this possible? How did you all manage to do this? “. Piccolo said with a smirk “A magician never reveals his secrets” In his mind he remembered the excruciating pain of ripping off his arms and fingers so that he could regenerate them back and in doing so increase his metabolism. Suddenly there was a huge energy blast. Piccolo wasn’t able to completely dodge it. His arm was blasted off. Kami laughed and said “Hahahaha!! Now you are crippled. Raise your energy more but you cant fight with a single arm” Piccolo was astonished initially and then smiled “Interesting”. He then screamed and regenerated his arm. Kami was staggered by this. He asked with a little stutter “H.. Ho.. How.. were you abb.. Able to do t.. t… thaaa… that?” “I can regenerate my body parts thanks to my Namekian origins” said Piccolo. “Damn you” screamed Kami. He then said “Ka.. Me.. Ha.. Me.. Haaaaa” and release a purple coloured beam. Piccolo dodged it. Everyone was astonished. “How can he do that?” asked Gohan. “He must have practiced it” said Piccolo. He then started firing energy balls at him. Kami tried blocking but to his amazement only a few of them hit him. When he looked around him he realised the grave error on his part. There were energy balls around him. “This are guided energy blasts. They will come at you together at once. You cant dodge them al.. “. Suddenly Kami screamed “SOLAR FLARE”. There was a blinding light. No one could see anything. Kami then said “I cant regenerate but I can learn techniques just by looking at them once. Now farewell Piccolo. I will kill you with one of your friends’ move”. Piccolo screamed “Like hell, I will let you do it” moved his hands to hit Kami. Kami also screamed “Final Flash” and the beam hit Piccolo. Both were attacked by each other’s attacks. Finally after everyone could see, they saw both of them standing, badly injured.

Vegeta said “What kind of an attack was that. It was similar to mine but so less in power”. Both of them collapsed. Gohan ran towards Piccolo and said with fear “Piccolo!! Can you hear me!? Wake up”. Frieza said “Fear not Gohan. He is just hurt. He will make it. The beam wasnt all that powerful and his attack further reduced any harm as they distracted Kami” He then threw a small pill towards him. “Give it to him. In a few hours, he will be alright. This is a like a medicinal pill. This will help him heal faster”. Goku said “We should have brought the Senzu beans. They would have come in handy for sure”. Vegeta said “Yes but Kami’s attack sure was weak. The final flash attack surely isnt this weak”. Goku replied “Probably even he needs practice. Afterall he didn’t invent the technique. You did. One cannot copy a technique of such level so easily”.

The penultimate match was between Begeta and Frieza. Frieza said “Begeta, we dont have to do this. Come back to us, my son”. Goku was confused and said “What is happening? Since when did Frieza become Begeta’s father”. “Your a fool, Goku. Isnt it obvious by now?” said Vegeta. Begeta said ” You aren’t my father. You never will. You destroyed my race and planet. You lied to me. You said Kakarotto’s family was responsible for it”. Frieza replied “I was scared. If you knew the truth, you would despise me forever. I didn’t want to lose you. I have raised you as my own son. Cooler treated you as your own brother. Please end this now so that we can all go home”. Begeta said “Enough of this. You will pay for killing my family” and he charged towards Frieza.

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Chapter 7: Fight for the 2 universes

​A few days ago,

Frieza transmitted a message “Kakarotto. Can you hear me?” Kakarotto replied “Say what you want to Frieza. We all can hear you clearly”. Frieza said “I have a proposition. We host a tournament between you all and us. The winner takes all”.Kakarotto said with pride ” Who says we dont have it all. I have a machine to travel between worlds. The only reason I haven’t moved away is because I wanted to destroy you. We thought we could use other versions of ourselves and then eliminate them and conquer their universe later. The plan may not have gone exactly the same way but still we got what we wanted. You are seriously wounded and your army destroyed. We will soon go to this alternate universe and make it our own”. Frieza said “Whatever you said is true. But you still haven’t killed me. I will take over your universe then. You can run away if you want to. But soon this universe will be mine. Along with that this new universe you conquer wont even be because of your strength. It is like serving you on a gold platter”. It could be heard faintly “Dont bite into it. He is baiting you. We are at an advantage now. Dont throw it away”. Kakarotto said “Shut up Namekian. Alright Frieza, the tournament is on. We will fight you all. Winner takes it all and the loser never retaliate”. Frieza smirked as they had taken their bait. “Within 3 hours of our landing, we will hold the tournament” said Kohan.


There were 7 members in each team. The parallel universe had Kakarotto, Kohan, Koten, Tarble, Begeta, Kami and Prillin while the other had Goku, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo and Frieza. So Kakarotto said ” Let the kids go first. Then we adults will fight” “Let us start with the youngsters, Koten and Tarble who wants to go first?“ said Prillin. Trunks said “Let it be a doubles battle. Me and Goten vs our alternates”. “We know you can do the fusion. Why would we choose such a matchup style when we can beat you individually” replied Koten. “Firstly we dont have time for this. This will result in a faster tournament. Also I need to go early, I have a date” said Trunks. Goten said “Let it be Trunks. Our alternate versions are scaredy cats. They arent as strong as us anyway”. By listening all this, Tarble got red in his face. He said “It is a double battle. You do your fusion. We dont need it to defeat you.” Goten and Trunks smirked and both said let us get started. Goten and Trunks started doing the fusion dance and said ” FUSION-HA”. Gotenks was formed. His power was huge. He said “Let’s finish this right away”. He flew towards Tarble and Koten. He punched them both. He then released a barrage of kicks and punches on them. But they were affected that much. Koten said ” Is that the best you can do?” Gotenks got a little scared. He started releasing his energy and screamed “AAHHHHHHH” Tarble said “It is of no use. You wont transform further. We have restricted your power levels remember” Both of them then flew towards Gotenks and started attacking him. The kicks were powerful. Then for a brief moment Gotenks released his ki. This sent them flying away. He screamed ” AAAAAAAHH” and started releasing energy. But he couldn’t release it beyond a certain level. He thought to himself “Why cant I release more energy? I am doing exactly as to what Goku told us” Then he saw Tarble charging towards him. Then suddenly Koten grabbed Gotenks from behind. Tarble started beating Gotenks. His each punch and kick was stronger than the previous one. Finally Koten let go of Gotenks and both of them shot numerous energy blasts at him. Gotenks fell to the ground and was unconscious. He wasn’t gravely injured but was unable to fight further. Koten and Tarble laughed and asked “Who is next?”

Vegeta stepped forward and said ” I am. Let’s make this a little more interesting. Let Begeta also come with you”. Frieza said “I am sorry Vegeta but Begeta and I will be fighting. You should choose someone else”  Vegeta grumbled “Why should I? We fight our parallel versions”. Frieza said “Please Vegeta. I beg you. I have some unfinished business with him”. Vegeta felt nice to see Frieza beg even though it wasnt the Frieza he knew. He said ” Fine. I will fight the youngsters then. Kohan, you join them”. Kohan said ” I dont mind. It is your funeral” All three of the saiyans gathered around Vegeta. Vegeta was smirking. He said “Are we going to dance or what”. All three charged towards him. But in an instant Tarble and Koten were thrown towards the rocks. Only Kohan managed to dodge his moves. Kohan then started punching Vegeta. But each punch was countered by another stronger punch by Vegeta. Suddenly Vegeta moved out of the way. Kohan was surprised. Behind Vegeta was Koten charging in. Koten then bumped into Kohan. Vegeta flew towards Tarble and started beating him. There was anger in his punches, specially for Tarble. Finally the final punch rendered Tarble unconscious. Then Vegeta turned around and said “Big Bang”. Two Huge energy balls started flying towards Koten and Kohan. They were charging towards Vegeta not knowing that he will shoot the Big Bang on him. But both of them were blasted by it. All three now were bruised and had lost consciousness. Vegeta said “Hmph. These children are so weak. How pathetic your children are Kakarotto. You have no pride of a saiyan. But your children dont even have their strength”. Kakarotto clenched his fists and mummered “We will see about that”
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Chapter 4: The Final Assault

​After travelling for a few days, the group was like a family. They laughed and trained alot. They ate alot too. Though Piccolo and Kami seemed pretty far away from all this. They would just sit ideally and concentrate. Vegeta had grown fond of Kakarotto. He was just like him, fierce, ambitious and smart. Goku was having fun with everyone and he would like have more food eating competitions. Prillin said “Hey, Krillin why are you so weak?” Krillin was shocked for a moment by what he was asked by his counterpart. He replied “I am not weak. I am stronger than you. I have family and friends. They are my real strength”. Prillin started applauding and said “Wow!! What words you used. I didn’t know my counterpart could be so dumb and weak”. Krillin was shocked. “Family is never a strength. It is always is and has been a weakness. If you get close to someone. They will hurt you or they will be used to hurt you. I lost my family that way. That Frieza killed them. I learnt the hard way, To stay alive is to stay alone. ” Krillin was horrified. Now Krillin’s resolve was stronger than ever. He wanted to be stronger so that such a thing never happens to him. A life without 18 and Marron will be hell for him. They were nearing their destination. Everyone got ready. They could see a space station up ahead. Kohan said “This is as far as we go. Beyond this we have to go on our own. We cant go with our ship there else it will be destroyed and it will be impossible for us to go home” . “Here take this” said Koten while giving out masks “These masks and suits have been made specially by Mother for us to breathe in space” “I dont know about this” said Krillin fearfully. Prillin mocked him by saying “What a scaredy cat” Goku reassured Krillin by saying “This masks have been made by Bulma, I mean Bula. They must be in working condition”. Everyone put on their masks and suits and went out side. Krillin said with relief “I can breathe!!!” “Of course you can. These were made by Bula” said Kakarotto. They started flying towards the station. It was huge. Suddenly they could see aliens flying towards them in space suits. “These suits are special. They have been made in such a way that they allow us to fight naturally in space. We wont feel any difference between space and earth” screamed Kakarotto. Kami said “Kill them as you get the chance. Dont show mercy on them because they wont show mercy on you. We have a millions of lives at stake.” All understood what they had to do. Everyone started shooting energy beams. The aliens stood no chance. They were blasted into nothingness. Each punch was fatal. Either their head was separated from their body or there was big hole in their body. The bodies and insides were piling up. Soon they boarded the station. Frieza’s men were there waiting. But none survived. No groups survived the combined onslaught. Soon they  were there. Sitting in front of them was Frieza. He wasnt so menacing but that was one mistake the Z-fighters has learnt. He said “Why are you here? After everything that has happened. You killed Cell and” “You will pay for your sins” said Prillin as he launched himself towards him. In an instant,  they heard a loud sound. Prillin was knocked away. It was so fast almost no one noticed. Soon Kami, Koten, Kohan and Kakarotto jumped on him. He said as he avoided their punched and kicks “This is futile and you know it. We have done this dance many times. It is because I am so merciful that you still live”. In an instant he gave severe blows to all of them. They all smashed into the walls, pillars and ceiling. “So you have made clones. Let us see how strong they are” said Frieza.

Frieza raced towards the Z-fighters. All of them put their guards up. But he stopped and said ” Was it you who defeated Cell?” Gohan replied “Yes, that was us. He was attacking Earth on your command. Now you will have a similar fate” Frieza said “Child, you know nothing. Cell wasnt who you are made to believe is. He was a no”. He was interrupted by an energy blast from Kami. He said “Stop feeding them lies. You will pay for what you have done to us all”. “For what I have done to you? I gave you many chances but you didn’t take any of them, Now Die!!! ” said Frieza. Future Trunks came forward and started swinging his sword at Frieza. Frieza was dodging each strike with ease. Frieza then punched him in his stomach. He went on his knees. Seeing this Vegeta got angry. He screamed and transformed into a Super Saiyan. He started exchanging blows with him. Frieza dodged all of them. But the very next second, he managed to land a hit to his face. Frieza bled a little. A small stream of blood started flowing from the side of his mouth. He spat and said “It is good that I am dodging those punches. They are pretty powerful. But I have a far superior speed. Stand down and I will not hurt you. If you still do, you will be treated as an enemy”. As soon as Vegeta moved forward, Frieza moved and hit Vegeta. Vegeta was incapacitated. Others began to move but Goku put up his hand signalling them to stand down. He said “Frieza, I will defeat you for the greater good of this universe”. He replied “You know nothing fool”. Goku transformed into his God Super Saiyan form. Frieza was dumbfounded. He had never seen this form before. It had immense power. Goku vanished before his eyes and moments later he felt immense pain in his stomach and Goku standing in front of him. Before he could recover from it, Goku landed another punch and sent him flying. Frieza tried stopping and did. He couldn’t understand what was happening and how the clone was stronger than the original. He asked ” How are you stronger?”. Gohan replied from behind ” Because we come from an another universe”. Frieza was confused and astonished for a few moments and then he realised. He screamed “Wait!!  Listen to me. All that has been told to you has been a lie. I dont want to destroy anything. They want to conquer the entire universe. I am willing to surrender if you want. They destroyed my planet”. “Stop lying” said Goten. Krillin felt that something wasnt right. There was truth in his eyes and words. He said ” What is he saying? ” as he turned to his counter parts. He stopped midway and said “What… i…… is…….th…….this….Tr…. Trunks?”. Everyone was standing there in shock. Future Trunks has thrust his sword into Krillin, right through his chest.
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Chapter 3: New Origins

​Parallel Goku replied “Let me introduce us. I am Kakarotto. This is  Begeta. My sons, Kohan and Koten. This namekian is Kami. This is my best friend kawai” The blonde Krillin immediately snapped “Who are you calling cute? You as%*#%*#. You are Sakura then, that girl from the popular mangas” “Relax, I am kidding. This guy is Prillin” said Kakarotto. All the Z-fighters then introduced themselves. “So this Frieza bastard has done the same thing in other universes also. I guess some people never change” said Kakarotto. Now there was a silence. There was some seriousness in it. Piccolo asked ” So what has Frieza done here in this universe?” Kakarotto got a little angry and he clenched his fists. He said “He like, your Frieza, killed the saiyans. He then eventually came to our planet. He had taken Begeta with him and suppressed him since he was young. That is why he is as he is now. Scared and a wimp” said Kakarotto with disgust. Begeta just stood there and took the insults. He continued ” When he came to our planet. I fought with him. He was very very strong. But somehow I beat him but I couldn’t kill him. I transformed you see into a Super Saiyan. I think you know about it since your Vegeta transformed into one. Over years we have fought and both of us have grown stronger. Eventually he made Cell” “That life form is a culmination of all of our cells and Frieza’s. He was a monster. We could never beat him. We could wound him but never kill him. He would regenerate himself over and over again. Since he had our cells, with each fight he grew stronger” said Kami. “Until today when you came to help us. We have to destroy Frieza also. As long as he is alive, my home isnt safe” said Kohan. “We should get going. Mom is waiting for us” said Koten. “You can come with us. We have food. It is the least we can do for your help today” said Kakarotto. “Food!!! I am so hungry. Yes we are coming” said Goku. All the other Z-fighters were embarrassed by his behaviour but this was Goku afterall.

They reached Capsule Corporation. “Why are we here? Shouldn’t we go to East District? ” Goten asked. “What are you saying? My grandfather’s house is there. But we live here with our mother. She is a major inventor here afterall” said Koten. Bulma appeared but it wasnt Bulma. This one seemed more quiet and a geek. But there was this weird vibe coming from her. She had black hair and wore spectacles. She came and kissed Kakarotto and said “So you have come home darling”. She then glanced at the Z-fighters and said “You seem like alterate versions of my friends and family” All the Z-fighters were in disbelief. Bulma marrying Goku and not Vegeta. Vegeta couldn’t stand it and in him mind was surely cursing Begeta. Goku’s jaw dropped. He asked “Where is Chi-Chi? Why are you with Bulma? She is so much older than you” Kakarotto answered “She is Bula and not Bulma. I love her and she loves me that is all we need. Who is this Chi-Chi?” Future Trunks explained to Goku about multiverses and how each of them vary from each other. “No wonder, I have no parallel version. My father never married my mother” Trunks told Goten and Krillin. Bula then said something in Kakarotto’s ear. He got red in the face and he flustered in saying “Tonight? Seriously we are doing that?” Bula just nodded and left saying “Food is in the restaurant. Feed our guests and please order whatever you want” Goku replied in a happy note “Surely”. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food except Vegeta. He was still stuck on what he had just witnessed. They ate alot and were full. “You can sleep here today if you want” offered Kohan. Everyone was hesitant but Future Trunks said “Sure, why not? Another day won’t make alot of difference”. The Z-fighters agreed and decided to spend the night there. Everyone was snoring and Piccolo was awake thanks to his heightened  sense of hearing.

Soon the sun rose with the birds chirping. It was a beautiful morning. But there was alot of commotion suddenly. Future Trunks woke up the rest of his friends and said “Guys, they have found out where Frieza is. They are leaving now to finally finish this once and for all. I think we should help them” “I dont know Trunks, this is a different universe. Maybe we shouldn’t interfere more than we already have” said Krillin. “But innocent people are in danger. We all know how dangerous Frieza is. We could help them and save this entire universe” Future Trunks replied. The entire Goku family agreed. Since Goku, Gohan and Goten were going, even Vegeta, Piccolo and Trunks also decided to go. Finally everyone decided to help their alternate versions. They went to them and said they would like to accompany them. Their alternate versions were not convinced but then Future Trunks said “We have helped you defeat Cell. You know how powerful Frieza is. We can lend you a helping hand”. They quickly said yes. Begeta said “It could get a little cramped up inside the spaceship” Kami replied “It will be fine. We will adjust” Everyone then proceeded towards the spaceship. It was similar to the ones they had used to get to Namek. It was huge inside with alot of food. Kakarotto called Bula and said “Dear, we have friends who will be joining us on this mission. We will require more food. Please arrange the necessary things” Within a few hours, the ship was ready to go. Everyone stepped into the ship and it was ready for takeoff. The countdown started and at 1, the  ship launched into space.

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Chapter 1:Who Are They? 

​Trunks had come back from the future to meet everyone,every once in a while. Bulma had set up a lunch party at her house. Everyone was having a lot of fun. Goku and Vegeta were having a competition of who could eat more. Krillin was looking at them and trying not to laugh and their faces as they ate like they hadnt eaten anything for a long time. Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotza, Puar and Oolong were talking and laughing about their encounters. Gohan and Videl were playing with their daughter Pan. Hercule was posing and entertaining his daughter. Majin buu was eating sweets. Maron, Trunks and Goten were in their teen years and were talking about relationships. Future Trunks was with Bulma talking about his life. Bulma said “You have been visiting us quite often now. Won’t your mother be worried?” She paused for a few moments and then burst into laughter. Trunks replied ” No, my mother is very cool. Anyway she has been working alot on a new thing. Something to do with multiverses. She is trying to build a inter-universe travelling vehicle. She already has made a time traveling machine” “Your mom is so cool and intelligent” said Bulma. Both of them laughed alot. Finally Trunks left. Goku said “It is fun to have him here sometimes. Gives us a reason to meet and eat alot of food” Chi Chi snapped “All you want to do is eat. At least thank Bulma for the food” Everyone laughed and parted away.

A few weeks later. Goku’s house received a phone call from Capsule Corporation. Goku, Goten and Gohan immediately rushed there. There they found Vegeta and Trunks waiting. Krillin was also present with Piccolo. Then Future Trunks arrived with a capsule in his hand. “My mother has finally completed. A machine to travel to different universes” said Trunks. Everyone was in a disbelief. “Alternate universes is just a theory” said Gohan. ” It is now a reality. I wish all of you to travel with me to a new universe. I am not that strong as you all. If I face any danger beyond my capabilities and I were to perish. This device will the be in the hands of evil who will only seek harm. I cannot let that happen. We have seen what happens when a time travelling machine falls in the hand of a villian like Cell.I don’t wish to repeat it” said Trunks in a serious tone.”Of course we will help you” said Goku. “I may even have a good sparring match with someone” said Vegeta. “We dont want to go. We have dates” said Trunks. Goten nodded. Vegeta in anger said “You boys are worthless. Going after girls when you should be training. As it is you both a slacking off half the time. Come with us at once or else….” Trunks jumped with fear. He said ” I will come dad. This was Goten’s idea anyway”. “was not” “was” “was not”. Piccolo growing impatient with this, glared at the boys. The boys understood and decided to come along. Krillin thought “What should I do?” Trunks pressed the capsule and it transformed into a plane like vehicle. “I specifically asked mom to make it this big so that i could take people with me”. As everyone was boarding the plane, Krillin stood there. Goku asked “Arent you coming along?” Krillin hesitated for a second and said “I dont think I should. I am not as strong as you all” “I will probably die again” he said jokingly. Goku said “Nonsense, You are strong and helped us in many tough patches. You have lived through it all, at least you have been brought to life but still you live on manage to help us all. Besides you are my best friend, I wont let anything happen to you” These words had truth and soul in them. They motivated Krillin to come. He thought “Maybe I am not that strong. But surely I have helped in my own way. I wont be a burden on them. I will get stronger”.

All of then boarded and Trunks then flipped a switch. The machine started making a noise. Trunks said ” There maybe some side effects because of the travel. Also let us hope we get there in one piece and we dont loose our organs or limbs” Everyone gasped. Teen Trunks yelled “What did you say? What the fu”. Future Trunks said “Let us go now” and he pressed the button. It was a different feeling. They felt pressure on their entire body. They felt as though they were getting disintegrated and also being rebuild immediately. Finally they came to their senses and the machine seemed still. They had finally transported to a new universe. Some of them even thought that maybe it didn’t work and they were in their own universe. They walked out. Suddenly Krillin and Goten fell down on their knees. Goten said “I feel my head spinning” Krillin followed up by say “That’s it? I feel i am si..” and he puked. Future Trunks said “Yes these are some side effects to it. You will soon get used to it” Teen Trunks said “But I dont want to travel universes. I am happy in my own” The others seemed fine but surely there was a toll of the inter-universe travel. This world seemed very similar to theirs. Blue sky, trees, animals, civilisation and a Capsule Corporation. “We never travelled, your mother must have miscalculated something” said Piccolo. Trunks said “My mom never makes a mistake. We are in a parallel universe.” Suddenly the sky grew dark. Everyone looked above and saw a legion of aliens. All of them in armour. Krillin exclaimed “These armours are similar to those wore by Frieza’s men” “They will destroy this planet and everyone on it” said Future Trunks. “We have to protect them” said Goku. Everyone flew towards the army. As they were flying there, they saw some individuals also flying with them. Who are they was the question on everyone’s mind.
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