Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 2 :Goku and Uub were training as always. Both of them were suddenly looking at each other in disbelief. Goku said “Do you feel that Uub ? There is a huge ki in that direction”. Uub replied in disbelief “Yeah Goku this ki is enormous. I have never felt anything like this. It can be an enemy Goku”. Goku replied happily “ Possible but it can be a friend and an amazing sparring patner”. Uub said suspiciously “Did you notice that the ki appeared suddenly ? It seems that person can use something similar to that teleportation technique of yours”. Goku, impressed with Uub’s observation, replied “You mean Instant Transmission ? Yeah it is plausible”. Goku suggested to Uub “Maybe we should check it out. We don’t want earth to be in danger”. Uub agreed and both of them flew to that site.

On their way there Goku said “This way is Kami’s Lookout. So it seems this ki is there”. Uub said in shock “ Did you notice that ? The ki just vanished”. Goku replied in terror “I cant feel any ki at the lookout. There is just a faint ki. It is almost like someone there is about to die”. As soon as they reached they saw that the lookout was fine. But there was a person lying at the lookout, a green coloured person. Then suddenly Goku felt 2 other kis. Mr.Popo and Picollo arrived at the place and turned the body to see that it was Dende. Goku lost the colour of his skin. He could not believe was he was seeing. He could hear Picollo trying to wake up Dende. Dende came to consciousness for a few minutes and said “ It was Fr…”. He then lost consciousness again.

Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 1 :Goku is practicing his martial arts with Uub. They have both improved since their fight at the tournament. Uub was the buu but good incarnated he still had not unlocked his full power. Goku is helping Uub unlock this power and channel it in a non destructive way so that earth will always have a hero to protect her. At Goku’s home Chi Chi is wondering where is Goku and when will he bring firewood else they wont have food to eat. Unaware that Goku and Uub are training and Goku has totally forgotten about it.

Finally when they return after training, Chi chi asks them “Goku where have you been ? And where is the firewood ? I cant make food without them”. Goku answered in an endearing way “Sorry Chi Chi I forgot, Me and Uub were busy training. We just came up with this amazing combination attack. Hold on a second did you say there is no food ? NOOOOOOO”. Then Goku’s stomach grumbles. Chi Chi said “ Just great!!! I missed this!!! No matter we will join Gohan and Videl at their table as always”. Chi chi screams out “Gohan we are coming to your for dinner”. After this Gohan and Videl looked at each other and laughed. Chi chi came inside their house and apologized for them barging in at their dinner. At the dinner table, Pan said “Grandpa what new move will you teach me.. ”. Goku covered Pan’s mouth with his hand but Chi chi had heard what she needed. Goku thought to himself that this day cannot get any worse. That night was perhaps the worst night of Goku since the tournament.

At Kami’s Lookout Picollo was training Dende with the help of Mr. Popo but Dende was reluctant to train from the start. Dende asked Picollo “ Why are we doing this Picollo ? I don’t like fighting like Goku and I am not a fighter as you must have seen by now through this training”. Picollo answered fiercely “ This is not about whether you like fighting or not. This is about protecting Earth. Goku or Vegeta any of them wont always be around to save the world. You are the guardian of Earth. It is your duty to protect Earth. As for your skills, you have a mind block that you are not meant to be a fighter. All namekians can fight. Now come at me again”

Vegeta was at the capsule corp training as always. Trunks did not so much training but still occasionally participated in the training sessions. Today he was present at the sessions. Vegeta asserted “Come at me Trunks”. Trunks replied “As you wish father”. After just a few punches and kicks Trunks fell on the ground. Vegeta said angrily “You are becoming weaker. Your younger self was much more stronger. You seem too busy with that young lady named… Aarghhh I don’t remember her name..You wil..”. He was interrupted by Trunks asking “What are you talking about ?”. To which Vegeta replied “Stop playing this stupid game with me!! I am your father and I came to know about this from your mother”. Trunks gasped “She knows too!!!!!! Should have known this would happen”. Vegeta commanded Trunks to train daily now to which Trunks agreed unknowingly as he was busy thinking of how to get out of the present situation.

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