Dragon Ball Z

This is the final Chapter in the series. Thank you for the support 🙂

Chapter 7 :Suddenly Freezer felt a punch to this face. Krillin fell down. At the same time, just as Bocell was about to hit Pan, he felt a punch to his gut. He dropped Pan, but she did not fall to the ground. Then they saw Vegeta and Goku standing. Goku was holding Pan in her hands. Both had blue hair. They were in their Super Saiyan God form. Krillin said in relief “Thank God you are here Goku. If you would have been late, even by second, they would have killed Pan”. Vegeta said in disgust “These people have no honor. Attacking little kids”. “I always gave you people a chance to stop the fight. But you all always tried to destroy earth and my friends. Sometimes you hope that people will finally give up on revenge but it is foolish to think that you people can do the same. No more holding back. You all die” said Goku angrily. “We will see about that in a second” said Bocell. Both charged at the heroes. They were just about to make contact with them when suddenly they disappeared. Goku left Pan near Videl and said “All of you stand clear”. Vegeta said “You all Picollo, Gotenks, Gohan and Uub, protect them. We will deal with these buffoons”. “You got it” said Uub.

Goku and Vegeta charged against Bocell and Freezer. Their clash created a huge shockwave. The winds blew violently. Bocell fought with Goku while Vegeta fought with Freezer. Each blow by either party was blocked by the opposite person. Goku used Instant Transmission for a surprise attack. It was not helpful as Bocell too knew Instant Transmission he countered all his attacks. Vegeta tried hitting Freezer with a series of guided blasts. They all met their target but they did not harm Freezer. Vegeta was astounded. Then suddenly Freezer teleported and punched Vegeta. Finally after a series of punches and kicks, Goku snd Vegeta came next to each other. Vegeta said “Kakarot, Can you feel an energy level from these guys ? I cant feel anything. It feels I am fighting ‘nothing’. It is scary”. “Yeah I noticed too. It was thanks to Whis training that we can somehow manage. We still haven’t exactly mastered that technique. We have to try and beat them” said Goku. Both of them rushed to their enemies. Goku used the Kamehameha wave on Freezer. Vegeta used the Big Bang attack on Bocell. They were hurt a little but not to the extent the duo expected. Then suddenly both were getting hit by a barrage of fists. Vegeta and Goku couldn’t see some of the punches, that is how fast those fists were. To break free of it, Goku used Instant Transmission and kicked Bocell such that he bashed with Freezer. Goku said “They are strong. This is gonna be tough. I am going all out here and they don’t even show a hint of fatigue”. Then both the villians started an energy barrage. At the end of it, Goku and Vegeta were barely able to stand.

“Get out of the way Freezer” screamed Bocell as he got cut in half by disc. At the same time Krillin screamed “Goku Vegeta Do the FUSION”. Goku and Vegeta readied themselves. They knew they had a few seconds. Freezer knew they would be in for trouble if the saiyans fused. But in his way were the Z fighters. He quickly defeated everyone except Uub. But at the same time Bocell regenerated his half body and raced towards the saiyans. Vegeta saw it and thought that it would be impossible to fuse now. “Carry on that fusion. I will help you buy some time. Actually my friend here would help you”. Suddenly a pink blob appeared in front of Bocell. Majin Buu had appeared with Hercule. As the saiyan duo was out of phase due to the recent scare, they had to start all over. Freezer and Bocell thought now they have a chance. They decided to defeat the two new buffoons as soon as possible. Freezer attacked Uub but to his surprise he dodged it. He then screamed and released his energy. Freezer was astounded by it. Uub then hit him in his face with such speed that Freezer did not see it. It lacked power and did just bruise him but Freezer was startled. But the next punch from Freezer floored Uub. On the other side Bocell blasted off Buu’s head. But he regenerated it. He then used a series of blasts to slow down Bocell. He did so but Bocell was just scratched by those blasts. He then kicked Buu so hard he flew away. But by this tome the saiyans had fused and Gogeta was born.

Freezer and Bocell were scared. Suddenly both felt a force to their faces. It wasn’t a punch. Just a palm, palm of Gogeta. It was as though their heads were ljke balls to him and he was practicing throwing. The force of the throw was so great that both flew into outer space. Gogeta said “Give that mask that I asked you to make Bulma”. “Right away” she said as she threw a mask towards him. Chi Chi asked “ What is that ?”. “It is mask that allows you to breathe in space. Goku asked to create it. He said that it is important that he did the fighting somewhere else. He was lucky that Whis turned back time when Frieza destroyed earth”.

Now in outer space Gogeta was following the trajectory of the flying Bocell and Freezer. He could not find them. He could not sense them. Suddenly a punch flew towards him but he dodged it. Bocell exclaimed “How!!!” But then the kick by Freezer made contact with him. Like this some punches connected while some he dodged. Sometimes he would block them with ounches or kicks. They clash would be so strong that there would be distortions in the cosmic clouds around. Sometimes even the rings around Saturn would distort or moons around Jupiter vibrate. “It is good I am getting a hang of this technique” said Gogeta. “Looks like our beating has done some brain damage” laughed Freezer. “You haven’t used any technique yet!! You moron” said Bocell. “Not an energy move. This technique helps me dodge your blows. If you haven’t noticed, I am slowly dodging more and more of your attacks. This is a technique both of us are learning since the last time we met you Freiza. It doesn’t matter if we cant feel your energy, this technique doesn’t require that. Whiz has been teaching us that this whole time. Now time to go all out. You both are gonna pay for what you did” said Gogeta. “Let’s see you try” both said unanimously. But then both felt series of punches. Then a series of kicks. Both couldn’t counter them at all. They were bruised a lot. It seemed they had to muster all their strength to stand. “Now you both or rather you four die” said Gogeta. He then said “Big Bang Kamehameha”. Both screamed “NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”. After the smoke cleared both were standing there. There was something odd about them. Then Gogeta noticed the ‘M’ on their foreheads. Then Gogeta felt a barrage of punches. They were stronger and faster. He couldn’t dodge them all like before. Each punch stronger then the previous one. Then Gogeta was almost on the verge of falling down. Suddenly the M disappeared and Gogeta could feel their energy. He dodged the incoming punches. “We have taken care of Babidi, Gogeta” said a mysterious voice inside his head. It was none other than Kibitoshin or the Supreme Kai. He said “Now you can fight them with ease. We have made Babidi unconscious. His magic wont work anymore now”. Then suddenly the pair of villians became a quadruplet. Their fusion dissolved. Frieza screamed “Impossible!!! It is still only 20 mins”. “We have used to much power. That stupid Majin form must have drained our time” said Cell. “Now time to go now. Once you loose a body in this form, You can never get it back”. He then shot energy balls towards Cooler and Bojack. Both of them disappeared. Looking at this Frieza and Cell trembled in fear. They begged to the saiyan “We wont harm you ever again. Please don’t kill us”. Gogeta said “Fine, if I see you people once again then you both will die”. Then King Yenma brought the duo to Hell back and locked them away. He thanked the Z fighters. Everyone returned to their normal lives.c


Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 6 :
Gohan opened his eyes. He saw Videl. She was delighted that he woke up. “Your awake Gohan, Thank goodness”. Gohan said with a tone of tension “Are you alright ? How are my mother and Pan ?”. “They are alright. They were not harmed. Atleast not like the others. Vegeta, Picollo, Goten, Trunks, Dende and your Dad”. “Daddy your awake” cried out a sweet voice. “Yes Pan I am awake now” said Gohan. “Dad you know Mr.Popo was saying that Grandfather suddenly came out of nowhere at this place. He came with another person who looked like a blue catfish. He then used that teleportation technique to bring us all here”. “Where is ‘here’ exactly ??”. “We are at Kami’s Lookout” said Chi Chi. “MOM!!! Thank god your alright”. Gohan asked “Where is everyone ?”. They are being given a Senzu Bean right now, just like you were”. When everyone woke up, there was silence in the group. Everyone knew what they were against. “Who are these people you people got beaten by ?” Asked Krillin in a tone of fear. “They are enemies we beat before” said Picollo. “They have fused using the fusion dance” said Goku. “Freiza and Cooler – FREEZER” said Vegeta. “Bojack and Cell – BOCELL” said Gohan. “Your kidding” said Krillin. “Those people are really strong, almost as strong as that Golden Frieza” said Goten and Trunks in unison. “Just Great!! We are out of senzu beans and Dende and King Kai are still unconscious. Even these two new enemies are as strong as that Golden Frieza. What are we gonna do???!!!!” Said Krillin.

Mr. Popo said “Goku and Vegeta use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber”. “If they decide to attack then what ?” Asked Uub. “They will have to wait for another 1 hr before they can do the fusion, I think” said Goku. “But for the fusion you told us, that two individuals cant fuse for 1 hr” said Goten. “Yes, I told you both that. That is the minimum amount of time between fusions but they are using a lot of energy. There are chances that the time might have increased between the fusions”. “We should hurry Kakarot, we cant waste another minute now” said Vegeta. “Yes, we should. Bulma I have to ask you to do something. You will have to make it within an hour”. Bulma said “Whatever it is, I will try and do it before that”. Goku told Bulma what he needed and then they both went into another dimension.

“Another 7 minutes, till they come out” said Uub. “It is good that we all decided to train a little” said Picollo. “What did Goku tell my mom? She has been working all day in that mini lab she has set up here over the course of years” said Trunks. Gohan screamed out “EVERYONE!!GET READY. THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!”. Krillin in disbelief said “My God, this is another level of power”. “Good all of you are here together, killing you all will be much more easier” said Bocell. Trunks and Goten fused and readied themselves for the battle. Uub thinking to himself “ I can beat them. I have trained with Goku”. On one side Picollo, Gohan, Gotenks and Uub on the other Bocell and Freezer. “ It is good now we have an even number else there would have been unequal distribution of fun” said Freezer. Picollo said “Everyone we need to hold them up for a few more minutes”. Bocell mockingly said “So that Goku and Vegeta come and save you all again? We will destroy you before all they arrive”. “They will see in horror what happened to their family and friends” laughed Freezer.

A battle ensued between the two sides. Picollo & Gotenks V/S Freezer and Gohan & Uub V/S Bocell. Each blow by the duo either missed or was countered by the fused warriors. Then Picollo shouted “Special Beam Cannon”. It was deflected by Freezer with ease. Gotenks used his Ghost Kamikaze Attack. Each of the ghosts made contact with Freezer and a series of blasts occurred. After the dust cleared, they saw Freezer unharmed not even a scratch on him. Gotenks said “We need to increase our power now”. He then powered up to his Super Saiyan 3 level. Picollo also powered up to his ‘Super Namekian’ form. They continued fighting him. On the other side Gohan was fighting in his ‘Ultimate’ form. Uub was fighting at his maximum level also. Gohan screamed “Kame-Hame-Haaaaaaa”. Bocell stood still. He did not move an inch and took the beam head on. He was unharmed and then suddenly lauched a series of energy blasts at him. Bocell deflected the half in such a manner that those half blasted the other half of the blasts. “Fun time is over now” said Bocell. “U said it” agreed Freezer. With a few quick blows to the Z-fighters, all of them fell to the ground. Gotenks said “This is upsurd. How can they be this strong???!!”. Uub said in pain “I thought I was much stronger than this. I am sorry Goku”. Freezer said “Don’t feel sorry. You people werent a match for our power level. Now for our revenge”. They walked towards the ladies. Picollo said “You bastards!!! Stay away from them”. “We arent going to hurt the ladies. Just Goku’s friend and Gohan’s most precious thing, his daughter”. Both of them then laughed with malice. Freezer caught a hold of Krillin and Bocell of Pan. Bulma Videl and Chi-Chi started hitting Bocell. But it was in vain even they knew that but they had to try. Pan was just a small child. She was not a part of this fight. Chi chi said “Have you got no shame!! Hurting a small child”. “Everything is fair” said Bocell. He powered up. The shear force sent the women flying away. Pan was crying and trying to hit Bocell. She said “You monster, My Grandpa will beat you up. You just wait”. Freezer said to Krillin “Do you remember how I killed you ?” Let us see a repeat performance. He just lifted his fingers and Krillin started floating. He knew where this was going. He thought to himself “It is good I asked 18 and Marron to stay at home. Goku please protect my family”. Picollo was screaming in anger. It was like a déjà vu to him. He screamed “Frieza, Stop this madness. Don’t kill him”. “Don’t you dare hurt my little girl” screamed Gohan. “Relax Gohan I am going to make her end quick. She wont even feel a thing. But You will!!!!” Laughed Bocell.

Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 5 :
After Frieza was defeated again by Goku. He was sent back to Hell. Cell told him “So you came back. As expected from the most powerful being in the universe. You’re an oaf, Frieza. You had a chance and you blew it”. “Cell if I had my powers right now, I would show you your place. Your specialness comes from a test-tube”. Cooler intervened and said “Brother, you’re a fool. Even after training so much you could not beat that ape”. “Everyone here is a critic. Why don’t you people just get resurrected and when you beat them then you can call me whatever you want”. Babidi said “Now now you people shouldn’t fight. I have a plan to beat those wretched bastards”.

King Yenma was doing his job. Then Babidi came there. Yenma asked “Why did you want to see me ?” “King Yenma, all these people in hell are always causing problems. They revolt against you. Eventhough they have no powers, they still are a trouble for your staff down there. I have a proposition. I can make these people fall under your control. I have a spell that will do that. You wont ever have to worry about them anymore”. King Yenma told him with anger “You underestimate me. I can handle those flies. You shouldn’t doubt me. Now you can back to Hell”. “My offer stands. If you want my help you know where to find me”.

The next day King Yenma said in anger “These guys, Goku kills, where does he find them. Always creating problems and creating havoc. Even today, they decide to create a mess”. This continued for some time. Finally King Yenma lost his patience. He shouted “Aarggggghhhhh, These cretins have no limits. Even if I lock them, the next moment they are out they cause trouble. It is maddening. I will have Babidi give me the control over these buffoons. Call Babidi here”. After some time, Babidi came. King Yenma “I want you to place those nutjobs, Frieza, Cell and his gang, under my control. Do your thing”. “You could have accepted my help earlier. But better late than never. I will do my ‘thing’ now”.

Down in hell, the villians were discussing “Why is it taking so much time for Babidi for such an important job. Without this we cant proceed with our plan” said Bojack. Then Babidi came back and along with him, the guards of hell. Frieza said “Why is here ? He was gonna call us up there right ? Looks like that vermin managed to botch up the plan”. “Seems so. We created havoc and suffered the punishment for nothing” said Cooler. After the guards left, Cell taunted Babidi “So much for your MASTER PLAN, you failed ultimately you wizard. You were supposed to call us to King Yenma”. “You don’t talk to the master of Hell and Heaven like this. I can control you now if I want to. I tricked that fool into giving my powers”. Bojack said “So complete your end of the deal and give us our powers”. Babidi replied “You all have received your powers back as soon as I came back to this hell hole”. Cell replied “Yes, I can feel my energy returning”. Then Frieza screamed out “YES!! I FINALLY HAVE MY POWER BACK TO BEAT THOSE WORTHLESS MONKEYS”. Saying so he powered up. The shear force was so great that some trees uprooted. There was a force of wind created. Cooler shouted to Frieza “YOU IDIOT, Why did you POWER UP ??!!!! Your levels could be read by those people”. Bojack said “So much for our master plan. One stupid person ruins everything”. Frieza replied with pride “Let them come, I will beat them this time”. Cell patronized by saying “Yeah just like the last time”. Babidi interrupted before a fight broke out between them “All of you can power up how much ever you want. I have put a spell to hide your energies. I knew one of you will get impatient and power up”.

After years of training, all their power levels increased to a whole new level. Frieza replied “This is not enough, We will never be able to beat those monkeys with these power levels”. “You are just getting paranoid now Frieza. All of us are beyond your ‘Golden form’ “ replied Bojack. “No, My Golden form losses power fast. And all of us are just on par with it. All our energy disappear too fast. We have to find a way around this”. Babidi interrupted and said “I think I can help you there, Do you all remember that fight with Super Buu ? He fought against one brat. He was actually a fusion of two brats. You can do that. You all have seen the steps also. Frieza can go with Cooler and Cell with Bojack”. “I am not doing some stupid dance for a fusion” protested Cell. “You really have Vegeta’s cell in you” laughed Cooler. Bojack replied “Cell this is our chance to beat them, Don’t let your pride come in between”. After a deep thought, Cell agreed to it. They practiced the dance but never performed the fusion as Babidi wasn’t sure if he could hide that big a power level.

Finally the day came for the execution of their plan. Cell and Bojack along with Cooler and Frieza did the fusion dance “Fu-si-on Ha”. Babidi watched with horror and relief as he could feel power. His doubt about the energy concealment also disappeared as no one had arrived at the scene. Two new warriors were born- Bocell and Freezer. Their power too immense. Freezer said “This is what power is!!!” Bocell replied “Those vermin are going down”. Freezer told Bocell “I am going to first eliminate that medic Namekian. He might screw up the plan. Goku is mine”. Bocell replied “Yes do that. You alone cant have all the fun. I feel this deep anger for Goku’s son Gohan. Indirectly I will cause pain to Goku by killing his son”.

Present time – The fusion dissolved after 25 mins. They were discussing now how to go forward with their plan.

Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 4:Before Goku could turn, “You turn around and I put you down. I don’t want to kill you now. I want you to..”. Goku tried hitting the person with his elbow by swinging it back, the unknown identity caught it with ease . “Now now play nicely. It is rude to interrupt someone when they are speaking. As I was saying I want you to feel true despair”. Goku was thinking in his mind who is this guy ?What did I ever do to him. Then suddenly Goku felt a swing on his head. He was losing consciousness. He did not know what to do. In his last few seconds before he fell down he heard the mysterious figure say “We will have our revenge. You have killed me twice but not this time”. Goku could barely see the person. He thought to himself “Is this Frieza ? Looks like him. But wait it is not him !!!”. And then he fell to the ground.

Back on Earth, Vegeta and Picollo were going to Gohan’s place to warn him. Both felt a huge energy in the direction of Master Roshi’s house. Vegeta exclaimed “WHO IS THIS GUY ? What an energy”. Picollo said “Vegeta, it is the ‘same guy’ who solar flared us at the lookout. We have to go to Roshi’s place fast. Come on”. As they raced there, in their minds only one question “WHO IS THIS PERSON”. Then suddenly the power disappeared. Both looked at each other. Again they felt the same power but at some place different. Then Vegeta screamed “BULMA!! TRUNKS!!!”. He flew with such swift towards West City, that Picollo did not know what happened for a second. Picollo thought “What do I do ? Go to West City as Vegeta’s support or go to Roshi’s place to see if anyone is alive or injured”. He then sensed a faint energy at the Island. He thought to himself “I should help Master Roshi. I cant let him die. Vegeta can atleast go toe to toe with that person. He is a Saiyan God now”. He flew towards the island. When he reached, he saw two people laying on the ground. Both of them, just an inch from death. But both were in a better condition than Dende. They were fighters unlike Dende. He first took Master Roshi inside. He then took the other person, whose power level he did not detect at all, Yamcha inside too. Over the years, he had learnt about medicine from Dende. He bandaged both them. He then flew towards West City. As he flew towards West City, he noticed that the huge power was still there at West City. He asked himself “Hasn’t Vegeta reached yet ? Was he beaten by this new person ?”. Then suddenly the power vanished and it was suddenly in the direction of Goku’s house. He realized what was going to happen there. He raced towards the house and hoping everything will be alright there.

Vegeta reached the Capsule Corporation. He found that Bulma was unconscious. She was breathing but faintly. Then Trunks arrived and cried out “MOM!!!!!”. “Where were you Trunks ? You could not feel that power ?” he said angrily. He wanted to hit his son for his incompetence. Then Trunks replied “I have no idea about what your saying, Father. I never felt ‘this’ energy your saying. I felt your power racing here so felt something must be wrong so I came here”. This got Vegeta thinking “How is possible to mask one’s energy level of such magnitude. And to reveal it only to selected one only ? This doesn’t make sense”. Trunks cried out in terror “Dad can you feel this energy ?? It is coming from Goten’s place. It is an unfamiliar ki. Gohan and Goten can be in danger. We have to go help them“. “You stay here with your mother. I will make this guy pay for what he has done to Bulma”.

Picollo reached the place. What he say put him in a state of disbelief and anger. He saw Videl and Chi Chi fainted. Pan was crying. Gohan beaten to pulp was on the ground. He was laying in a pool of blood. Picollo rushed to his aid. He tried waking up Gohan. Gohan woke up and he told Picollo “Protect Pan and Videl and my mother, this guy is too strong”. He fainted. Anyone who would have seen Gohan’s state would have agreed to one fact, Gohan was beaten brutally. It was as if someone had a grudge on him. Then Vegeta arrived at the scene and asked “Where is he ? I am gonna kill this guy”. He vanished as soon as I reached near”. Vegeta replied “It seems that you are losing your abilities Namekian. He still here. I can feel him”. Suddenly Picollo felt this power above them.

“Who are you ? Why are you after our friends ???” Cried out Picollo. “Don’t you remember me ?”. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Vegeta exclaimed “This is impossible. Gohan defeated you”. Picollo exclaimed “You bastard, you attacked women and children. We are gonna beat you”. The mysterious person replied “What your saying Vegeta is true but Picollo you can try to beat me”. By saying this he prepared for the clash. Vegeta flew up and kicked him. He flew in a distance. Vegeta then unleashed a barage of energy balls. He then replied “Well sorry Picollo if you don’t get a chance to try to beat him”. “Well Vegeta it seems you will have to let Picollo try now. You wont be able to do the job now”. Picollo fired a special beam cannon but the guy deflected it. “Both of you wait now. We have company now”. Trunks and Goten arrived at the scene. Trunks cried out “We are sorry father. We cant stand behind while you both fight”. Goten cried out to Picollo “Who is this guy ?”. “That guy killed your father 2 decades ago”. “Well now you guys are four. This wont be an even fight. Let me call my support”. Suddenly another guy appeared. “This crazy. Is this some sort of magic !!! WHAT IS YENMA DOING!!!THERE ARE DEAD GUYS WALKING IN THE REAL WORLD” cried out Vegeta. “Now we can fight evenly Vegeta. Who is this brat. He looks like Goku. Your mine you brat whoever you are. I am already taken care of you father. Fear not I have not killed him, not yet” said the new guy. Goten replied “You know my father ? I am not that easy to beat. You dumbass alien”.

Now suddenly a fight ensued between the two groups. Trunks and Goten fought with the new guy while other two people fought with the already present person. Within seconds each of them felt a blow either to their head or their stomach. The new guy told the kids “Allow me to introduce myself. I am FREEZER. I am not Frieza or Cooler. They are one now. Fear my wrath now” He then laughed with malice. On the other side the person held Vegeta and Picollo by their heads and told them “ I am BOCELL. Bojack and Cell both beaten by Gohan have come to have their revenge in him”. All the fighters fell down. All lost their consciousness. Then Freezer replied to Bocell “We should leave them. We will destroy them completely but not now. Let them lick their wounds”. Both of them disappeared. 

Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 3 :In a split second, Uub went down to Korin. Picollo carried Dende in his arms and then lay him on a bed. Uub returned with healing water and said “Korin was out off of senzu beans, he gave me this healing water and said that it will take Dende some time to heal completely”. Mr. Popo took the water and started with the treatment. Picollo asked Goku “What the hell happened here ?”. Goku replied “I don’t know what happened here!! I felt a large ki here so I came here. But how come I could not sense your ki ?” “I have been training Dende. Today we were training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Mr.Popo also accompanied us. Dende came out to rest for a while. I trained but when he did not return for a month we came out to see what was taking him so long”. Goku replied with bewilderment on his face “Did you guess whom he was speaking about ?”. “FRIEZA”. “But Picollo it is impossible. Frieza has been killed twice now. Dragon balls cannot be used to wish him back again. There was not even any darkening of the sky to indicate their use”. “We need to be on alert now Goku, Uub. We cannot let our guard down even for a seco..” “SOLAR FLARE” shouted someone. “What is this ? Who is out there ?” screamed Goku. “We will take everything from you. You have destroyed us but no more. We will have our revenge. I will PERSONALLY extract my revenge by torturing your son who is responsible for destroying me. Hide and tremble in fear in these last days. Farewell brothers”. By the time any of them could open their eyes the mysterious figure had vanished. Goku said angrily “What is happening here ? We had no time to react or even sense this person’s approach. He just”. Uub completed the sentence “Teleported. I am telling you Goku these guys know to use something similar to Instant Transmission. This ki was different from what we felt before but almost on the same level”. Picollo said “This is absurd and unrealistic. It is impossible that such high powered fighters vanish without a trace. Goku check with King Kai if he knows anything. I will warn the others”. Goku agreed with him. Goku told Uub “Uub you stay here with Dende protect him if any of them return back”. Uub replied hesitantly “Goku I don’t think I can protect them. These people are too strong”. Goku tried to help him gain his confidence and told him “You are very strong Uub. You can defeat them if you believe in yourself”. Uub seemed to have gained his confidence but Goku was in fear. He knew these power levels are almost as same as ‘Golden’ Frieza certainly not below.

Goku performed Instant Transmission and vanished. Picollo decided to warn Vegeta first. He flew to West City and entered Capsule Corps. He shouted in anger “Vegeta where are you ? Why did not you come to our help?”. Vegeta replied even more angrily “What the hell is this namekian ? Who do you think you are !! And what are you speaking about ?”. Bulma intervened by saying “Guys calm down. Picollo tell us what happened. He told everything what had happened to Vegeta and others. Bulma said in terror “This is very bad. Dende was a good healer and they decided to take him out first”. Vegeta replied while thinking who could be behind this “This is weird. I did not feel any power level in the direction of the lookout. If what your saying is true then this can be bad, very bad.” Picollo said as he got up “I am leaving now, I have to warn the others. I hope you can protect your family here Vegeta”. “Who do you think your talking to Namekian ?” Bulma commanded “Vegeta you go help Picollo with this”. Vegeta got ready in an instant much to Picollo’s surprise.

As soon as Goku reached King Kai’s planet. He found Bubbles nowhere. He saw King Kai laying down and decided to talk to him. He called out “Hey King Kai, There is something going wrong on earth. Can you tell me what is happening ?”. King Kai did not reply. He went there and found King Kai all battered up. He was unconscious. He could not believe what he was seeing. Anger and helplessness were flowing through him. Then suddenly a voice said “ I see you came to meet your mentor. I just came a little early here to meet him. You monkey”.

Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 2 :Goku and Uub were training as always. Both of them were suddenly looking at each other in disbelief. Goku said “Do you feel that Uub ? There is a huge ki in that direction”. Uub replied in disbelief “Yeah Goku this ki is enormous. I have never felt anything like this. It can be an enemy Goku”. Goku replied happily “ Possible but it can be a friend and an amazing sparring patner”. Uub said suspiciously “Did you notice that the ki appeared suddenly ? It seems that person can use something similar to that teleportation technique of yours”. Goku, impressed with Uub’s observation, replied “You mean Instant Transmission ? Yeah it is plausible”. Goku suggested to Uub “Maybe we should check it out. We don’t want earth to be in danger”. Uub agreed and both of them flew to that site.

On their way there Goku said “This way is Kami’s Lookout. So it seems this ki is there”. Uub said in shock “ Did you notice that ? The ki just vanished”. Goku replied in terror “I cant feel any ki at the lookout. There is just a faint ki. It is almost like someone there is about to die”. As soon as they reached they saw that the lookout was fine. But there was a person lying at the lookout, a green coloured person. Then suddenly Goku felt 2 other kis. Mr.Popo and Picollo arrived at the place and turned the body to see that it was Dende. Goku lost the colour of his skin. He could not believe was he was seeing. He could hear Picollo trying to wake up Dende. Dende came to consciousness for a few minutes and said “ It was Fr…”. He then lost consciousness again.

Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 1 :Goku is practicing his martial arts with Uub. They have both improved since their fight at the tournament. Uub was the buu but good incarnated he still had not unlocked his full power. Goku is helping Uub unlock this power and channel it in a non destructive way so that earth will always have a hero to protect her. At Goku’s home Chi Chi is wondering where is Goku and when will he bring firewood else they wont have food to eat. Unaware that Goku and Uub are training and Goku has totally forgotten about it.

Finally when they return after training, Chi chi asks them “Goku where have you been ? And where is the firewood ? I cant make food without them”. Goku answered in an endearing way “Sorry Chi Chi I forgot, Me and Uub were busy training. We just came up with this amazing combination attack. Hold on a second did you say there is no food ? NOOOOOOO”. Then Goku’s stomach grumbles. Chi Chi said “ Just great!!! I missed this!!! No matter we will join Gohan and Videl at their table as always”. Chi chi screams out “Gohan we are coming to your for dinner”. After this Gohan and Videl looked at each other and laughed. Chi chi came inside their house and apologized for them barging in at their dinner. At the dinner table, Pan said “Grandpa what new move will you teach me.. ”. Goku covered Pan’s mouth with his hand but Chi chi had heard what she needed. Goku thought to himself that this day cannot get any worse. That night was perhaps the worst night of Goku since the tournament.

At Kami’s Lookout Picollo was training Dende with the help of Mr. Popo but Dende was reluctant to train from the start. Dende asked Picollo “ Why are we doing this Picollo ? I don’t like fighting like Goku and I am not a fighter as you must have seen by now through this training”. Picollo answered fiercely “ This is not about whether you like fighting or not. This is about protecting Earth. Goku or Vegeta any of them wont always be around to save the world. You are the guardian of Earth. It is your duty to protect Earth. As for your skills, you have a mind block that you are not meant to be a fighter. All namekians can fight. Now come at me again”

Vegeta was at the capsule corp training as always. Trunks did not so much training but still occasionally participated in the training sessions. Today he was present at the sessions. Vegeta asserted “Come at me Trunks”. Trunks replied “As you wish father”. After just a few punches and kicks Trunks fell on the ground. Vegeta said angrily “You are becoming weaker. Your younger self was much more stronger. You seem too busy with that young lady named… Aarghhh I don’t remember her name..You wil..”. He was interrupted by Trunks asking “What are you talking about ?”. To which Vegeta replied “Stop playing this stupid game with me!! I am your father and I came to know about this from your mother”. Trunks gasped “She knows too!!!!!! Should have known this would happen”. Vegeta commanded Trunks to train daily now to which Trunks agreed unknowingly as he was busy thinking of how to get out of the present situation.

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