Two best friends since childhood were sitting by the beach, talking about their college life and how much life has changed. Suddenly one of their phone buzzed and just by the notification tune the other friend understood whose message just reached the phone. He gave his friend a sly look and didn’t feel bad that he answered the text rather than talking as manners demand. But he could read the texts and couldn’t help but read the recent texts

Why do you write such sad poems. I like them but my friends always keep making fun of me for forwarding such poems and stories. They asked me from where do I find such writers

As his friend was about the reply he said “I dont think she understands you. Your poems may have a sad undertone but you always have optimism in it. You share the pain you have with the world. Maybe just so that someone would listen and ask how and why is it you feel all this. You hope to connect with someone with your dilemmas and hopefully help them out. You only write because you have seen the worst of life and still lived through it”

His friend replied “Damn son!! Even I didn’t know why I write it but you know why. You sure you aren’t pmsing right?” But in his heart he knew that the truth is out there without him having to say it aloud. 


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