The Other Half

In Greek mythology, it has been said that Gods were afraid of humans and their power. If they destroyed them, then they wouldn’t be worshipped and loose the tributes given to them by humans. So Zeus came with a creative solution of splitting the humans into two halves. This way their power was cut and the tributes were doubled. So the humans were forever destined to search of their other half with whom they will feel complete and happiness.

Maybe that is why we search for happiness, a sense of feeling whole with someone. We keep searching for something that is missing within us, a form or feeling that isn’t present in other relationships. Maybe a sense of truthfulness, openess and understanding. Maybe that is why people say “Opposites attract”. That person has all the qualities we yearn for but dont have. They literally complete us.

We all feel trapped sometimes with people. Some of them never understand you like they are supposed to. Some just can’t understand the what personal boundaries are. But there is always a group of people who understand you best. They might not be 100% best but they certainly love you the most. Does that mean we have multiple soul mates or does the concept just exist so that we keep running after something that is unattainable? Maybe it is not so much about being perfect. Once we become perfect then we stop growing. Once we stop growing then what else are we supposed to do?

Maybe instead of running after perfection we need to learn to accept everyone for who they are. Recognise and respect the decisions they take. Maybe they hurt us, maybe they dont but it is upto us to accept and move on and to cherish them for what they are in our life


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