Someone sat at a table eating lunch after an arduous day at college. His colleagues came by and sat at a table which was at a distance. They noticed him sitting alone eating his meal with his headphones on and watching a video in his phone. Everyone was surprised by this. How can someone eat alone in a restaurant? Being a class nerd, no one went to accompany him but rather gossiped about how alone and weird he was. How they saw him travel and eat alone.

One of them went to a movie with his childhood friends. During the interval he met the weird one again near the restroom. He asked him if he was with someone. The reply rattled him. He had come alone to watch the movie. The second half of the movie never entered the inner realms of his mind. His brain was preoccupied understanding this weird behaviour. One day, he mustered the courage to ask him why he did everything alone. He answered that he has been doing this since the beginning and he doesn’t understand how this is weird. He has gone to countless movies, eaten many delicacies and explored the city without any kind of company. He told him he understood that his tastes didn’t fit them all so why force someone to come to something they dont like. In his own way, he was free and not alone.

Maybe the definition of freedom is different for all. 


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