Rise and Set

Everyone likes sunrise and sunset. There is something beautiful about them. But mainly it is about the warm palette of colours, how the red mixes with yellow. How each day we can see different colours, from the pink to golden yellow during sunset. Sunrise has its own set of colours ranging from purple to yellow. But something that everyone sees is how these events represent beginnings and endings.

In our journey, beginnings and ends mean everything. We start with a bang and end with a bang. In our entire lives, the mosr memorable days are from either the first few weeks and the last few ones. We like big and spectacular starts and ends. “The journey matters and not the destination”, a common sentences we hear in our everyday life. But how many of us really like the journey more than the destination? Our destination is a sign of an accomplishment. It shows us that if we work hard we can achieve anything. But if we fail, the journey is, sometimes, a reminder of our redundant hard work. When have we decided to do something from the beginning even if we know we will fail? Our destination has always been an important thing. Its outcome is always a multiplying factor to the value our journet has, 1 if we reach it else 0.

No one ever admires the sky at noon. It is just blue everywhere with white clouds. The day represents our journey where everyone likes the sunrise and sunset but no one talks about the time in between. But as it is said “our journey is very important”. It is the set of events that makes us who we are. We may fail at the end but we will never be the same as before. Take an example of a relationship. If it fails we become wary of such future relations, partner or friend. If it keeps on working, then we believe in something like love and soulmates. But for everyone, all that matters is that whether it worked or no. Even if we fail at something, we feel guilty and ashamed of it and if we succeed, we feel pride. What if your success was at the cost of your principles and your relations and your failure made you finally realise what you wanted to do, your calling.

Our lives have always been defined by results. What did you achieve? How much did you score? Questions like what did you gain or lose are never asked. Maybe next time we achieve something or don’t, ask yourself what did I gain and give up to reach here. 


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