Chapter 4: The Final Assault

​After travelling for a few days, the group was like a family. They laughed and trained alot. They ate alot too. Though Piccolo and Kami seemed pretty far away from all this. They would just sit ideally and concentrate. Vegeta had grown fond of Kakarotto. He was just like him, fierce, ambitious and smart. Goku was having fun with everyone and he would like have more food eating competitions. Prillin said “Hey, Krillin why are you so weak?” Krillin was shocked for a moment by what he was asked by his counterpart. He replied “I am not weak. I am stronger than you. I have family and friends. They are my real strength”. Prillin started applauding and said “Wow!! What words you used. I didn’t know my counterpart could be so dumb and weak”. Krillin was shocked. “Family is never a strength. It is always is and has been a weakness. If you get close to someone. They will hurt you or they will be used to hurt you. I lost my family that way. That Frieza killed them. I learnt the hard way, To stay alive is to stay alone. ” Krillin was horrified. Now Krillin’s resolve was stronger than ever. He wanted to be stronger so that such a thing never happens to him. A life without 18 and Marron will be hell for him. They were nearing their destination. Everyone got ready. They could see a space station up ahead. Kohan said “This is as far as we go. Beyond this we have to go on our own. We cant go with our ship there else it will be destroyed and it will be impossible for us to go home” . “Here take this” said Koten while giving out masks “These masks and suits have been made specially by Mother for us to breathe in space” “I dont know about this” said Krillin fearfully. Prillin mocked him by saying “What a scaredy cat” Goku reassured Krillin by saying “This masks have been made by Bulma, I mean Bula. They must be in working condition”. Everyone put on their masks and suits and went out side. Krillin said with relief “I can breathe!!!” “Of course you can. These were made by Bula” said Kakarotto. They started flying towards the station. It was huge. Suddenly they could see aliens flying towards them in space suits. “These suits are special. They have been made in such a way that they allow us to fight naturally in space. We wont feel any difference between space and earth” screamed Kakarotto. Kami said “Kill them as you get the chance. Dont show mercy on them because they wont show mercy on you. We have a millions of lives at stake.” All understood what they had to do. Everyone started shooting energy beams. The aliens stood no chance. They were blasted into nothingness. Each punch was fatal. Either their head was separated from their body or there was big hole in their body. The bodies and insides were piling up. Soon they boarded the station. Frieza’s men were there waiting. But none survived. No groups survived the combined onslaught. Soon they  were there. Sitting in front of them was Frieza. He wasnt so menacing but that was one mistake the Z-fighters has learnt. He said “Why are you here? After everything that has happened. You killed Cell and” “You will pay for your sins” said Prillin as he launched himself towards him. In an instant,  they heard a loud sound. Prillin was knocked away. It was so fast almost no one noticed. Soon Kami, Koten, Kohan and Kakarotto jumped on him. He said as he avoided their punched and kicks “This is futile and you know it. We have done this dance many times. It is because I am so merciful that you still live”. In an instant he gave severe blows to all of them. They all smashed into the walls, pillars and ceiling. “So you have made clones. Let us see how strong they are” said Frieza.

Frieza raced towards the Z-fighters. All of them put their guards up. But he stopped and said ” Was it you who defeated Cell?” Gohan replied “Yes, that was us. He was attacking Earth on your command. Now you will have a similar fate” Frieza said “Child, you know nothing. Cell wasnt who you are made to believe is. He was a no”. He was interrupted by an energy blast from Kami. He said “Stop feeding them lies. You will pay for what you have done to us all”. “For what I have done to you? I gave you many chances but you didn’t take any of them, Now Die!!! ” said Frieza. Future Trunks came forward and started swinging his sword at Frieza. Frieza was dodging each strike with ease. Frieza then punched him in his stomach. He went on his knees. Seeing this Vegeta got angry. He screamed and transformed into a Super Saiyan. He started exchanging blows with him. Frieza dodged all of them. But the very next second, he managed to land a hit to his face. Frieza bled a little. A small stream of blood started flowing from the side of his mouth. He spat and said “It is good that I am dodging those punches. They are pretty powerful. But I have a far superior speed. Stand down and I will not hurt you. If you still do, you will be treated as an enemy”. As soon as Vegeta moved forward, Frieza moved and hit Vegeta. Vegeta was incapacitated. Others began to move but Goku put up his hand signalling them to stand down. He said “Frieza, I will defeat you for the greater good of this universe”. He replied “You know nothing fool”. Goku transformed into his God Super Saiyan form. Frieza was dumbfounded. He had never seen this form before. It had immense power. Goku vanished before his eyes and moments later he felt immense pain in his stomach and Goku standing in front of him. Before he could recover from it, Goku landed another punch and sent him flying. Frieza tried stopping and did. He couldn’t understand what was happening and how the clone was stronger than the original. He asked ” How are you stronger?”. Gohan replied from behind ” Because we come from an another universe”. Frieza was confused and astonished for a few moments and then he realised. He screamed “Wait!!  Listen to me. All that has been told to you has been a lie. I dont want to destroy anything. They want to conquer the entire universe. I am willing to surrender if you want. They destroyed my planet”. “Stop lying” said Goten. Krillin felt that something wasnt right. There was truth in his eyes and words. He said ” What is he saying? ” as he turned to his counter parts. He stopped midway and said “What… i…… is…….th…….this….Tr…. Trunks?”. Everyone was standing there in shock. Future Trunks has thrust his sword into Krillin, right through his chest.
Next Chapter “Betrayal” 


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