Chapter 3: New Origins

​Parallel Goku replied “Let me introduce us. I am Kakarotto. This is  Begeta. My sons, Kohan and Koten. This namekian is Kami. This is my best friend kawai” The blonde Krillin immediately snapped “Who are you calling cute? You as%*#%*#. You are Sakura then, that girl from the popular mangas” “Relax, I am kidding. This guy is Prillin” said Kakarotto. All the Z-fighters then introduced themselves. “So this Frieza bastard has done the same thing in other universes also. I guess some people never change” said Kakarotto. Now there was a silence. There was some seriousness in it. Piccolo asked ” So what has Frieza done here in this universe?” Kakarotto got a little angry and he clenched his fists. He said “He like, your Frieza, killed the saiyans. He then eventually came to our planet. He had taken Begeta with him and suppressed him since he was young. That is why he is as he is now. Scared and a wimp” said Kakarotto with disgust. Begeta just stood there and took the insults. He continued ” When he came to our planet. I fought with him. He was very very strong. But somehow I beat him but I couldn’t kill him. I transformed you see into a Super Saiyan. I think you know about it since your Vegeta transformed into one. Over years we have fought and both of us have grown stronger. Eventually he made Cell” “That life form is a culmination of all of our cells and Frieza’s. He was a monster. We could never beat him. We could wound him but never kill him. He would regenerate himself over and over again. Since he had our cells, with each fight he grew stronger” said Kami. “Until today when you came to help us. We have to destroy Frieza also. As long as he is alive, my home isnt safe” said Kohan. “We should get going. Mom is waiting for us” said Koten. “You can come with us. We have food. It is the least we can do for your help today” said Kakarotto. “Food!!! I am so hungry. Yes we are coming” said Goku. All the other Z-fighters were embarrassed by his behaviour but this was Goku afterall.

They reached Capsule Corporation. “Why are we here? Shouldn’t we go to East District? ” Goten asked. “What are you saying? My grandfather’s house is there. But we live here with our mother. She is a major inventor here afterall” said Koten. Bulma appeared but it wasnt Bulma. This one seemed more quiet and a geek. But there was this weird vibe coming from her. She had black hair and wore spectacles. She came and kissed Kakarotto and said “So you have come home darling”. She then glanced at the Z-fighters and said “You seem like alterate versions of my friends and family” All the Z-fighters were in disbelief. Bulma marrying Goku and not Vegeta. Vegeta couldn’t stand it and in him mind was surely cursing Begeta. Goku’s jaw dropped. He asked “Where is Chi-Chi? Why are you with Bulma? She is so much older than you” Kakarotto answered “She is Bula and not Bulma. I love her and she loves me that is all we need. Who is this Chi-Chi?” Future Trunks explained to Goku about multiverses and how each of them vary from each other. “No wonder, I have no parallel version. My father never married my mother” Trunks told Goten and Krillin. Bula then said something in Kakarotto’s ear. He got red in the face and he flustered in saying “Tonight? Seriously we are doing that?” Bula just nodded and left saying “Food is in the restaurant. Feed our guests and please order whatever you want” Goku replied in a happy note “Surely”. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food except Vegeta. He was still stuck on what he had just witnessed. They ate alot and were full. “You can sleep here today if you want” offered Kohan. Everyone was hesitant but Future Trunks said “Sure, why not? Another day won’t make alot of difference”. The Z-fighters agreed and decided to spend the night there. Everyone was snoring and Piccolo was awake thanks to his heightened  sense of hearing.

Soon the sun rose with the birds chirping. It was a beautiful morning. But there was alot of commotion suddenly. Future Trunks woke up the rest of his friends and said “Guys, they have found out where Frieza is. They are leaving now to finally finish this once and for all. I think we should help them” “I dont know Trunks, this is a different universe. Maybe we shouldn’t interfere more than we already have” said Krillin. “But innocent people are in danger. We all know how dangerous Frieza is. We could help them and save this entire universe” Future Trunks replied. The entire Goku family agreed. Since Goku, Gohan and Goten were going, even Vegeta, Piccolo and Trunks also decided to go. Finally everyone decided to help their alternate versions. They went to them and said they would like to accompany them. Their alternate versions were not convinced but then Future Trunks said “We have helped you defeat Cell. You know how powerful Frieza is. We can lend you a helping hand”. They quickly said yes. Begeta said “It could get a little cramped up inside the spaceship” Kami replied “It will be fine. We will adjust” Everyone then proceeded towards the spaceship. It was similar to the ones they had used to get to Namek. It was huge inside with alot of food. Kakarotto called Bula and said “Dear, we have friends who will be joining us on this mission. We will require more food. Please arrange the necessary things” Within a few hours, the ship was ready to go. Everyone stepped into the ship and it was ready for takeoff. The countdown started and at 1, the  ship launched into space.

Next chapter “The Final Assault” 


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