Chapter 2: Doppelgangers

As they got nearer. They saw them. They looked in amazement. It was Goku but how can that be. Goku was here with the others. But there were some distinct differences between them. This new Goku looked more rugged and didn’t seem to joyful. Along with were Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Goten and another guy with blonde hair. The parallel universe Vegeta seemed like a scaredy cat. He didn’t seem as fierce as Vegeta. He didn’t seem interested in the fight. Rather there were expressions of fear at times. Piccolo looked the same except he was blue in colour rather than green. Gohan and Goten seemed just like their father, rugged. They were stoic. The blonde hair guy seemed oddly familiar. It was Krillin!! He was nothing like Krillin. He seemed brave and immensely confident. Though the blonde hair made him look like buffoon. The parallel versions too were in shock. Suddenly their focus was on these new comers. The other Goku screamed “What is this magic?”. Other Goten said ” What has Frieza done this time?” The Z fighters were now convinced this was an alternate universe. They could see themselves and Frieza somehow was alive. Piccolo said “He cloned us!!!! After he took our cells and merged them together to form that wretched thing, he now cloned us completely”. Krillin said “They dont seem like perfect clones. If anything they seem inferior, my clone is a bald guy” he said laughingly. Vegeta asked “What should we do then?” Goku said “Kill them now!!” All of them proceeded. The Z fighters put up their guards. Then Future Trunks screaming “Stop this now. We aren’t clones made by Frieza. Right now you are under attack by him and I know how dangerous he is. We are here to help you” The parallel versions stopped and quickly said “Fine, help us then. If we see you do anything suspicious or even a hint of betrayal. You all will be slaughtered” said Parallel Goku.

Now everyone’s focus was on the large army of aliens. Everyone flied towards them. The aliens started firing energy blasts. In retaliation, so did everyone else. The aliens were no match for this team. The difference in power levels was too big. But what they lacked in quality, they tried overcoming with quantity. The parallel versions fought with ferocity the likes of which they hadnt known. Blasting off enemies. Soon the Z fighters realised their parallel versions were strong and very precise. Each attack by them was fatal. The parallel versions were taken aback by the power and aggression Vegeta had. Something they hadnt seen with theirs. Suddenly the aliens seemed started reducing their attacks. They realised how futile it was to attack them. Not only they were weaker but also now there were 2 of their enemies. Suddenly all of them felt this large power level. A blue coloured alien appeared with a very high power level. It even rivalled those of the Z fighters. This alien was Cell!!  He was blue in colour and had a very high power level. “So you finally appear, Cell” said Gohan. “Today was supposed to be the day, you saiyans got exterminated from this universe. But my army couldn’t do it” said Cell. He then glanced at the Z fighters. He was stunned “How is it there are two of you? You cloned yourself with the help of that woman didn’t you” said Cell. “No we haven’t, we thought this was your doing. But now it is clear, it wasn’t. They are our allies and will help us defeat you” said Piccolo. Cell screamed “If you feel so, come on. Let me show you the power of the perfect being. But first I will kill this Begeta. He has betrayed my creator. After all he has done for you, you betray him. To top it all, you join forces with the very people who have hurt him the most. You will not be spared by me evenif he spares you” Cell raced towards Begeta. But Vegeta came there first and punched him. Cell moved back a little and said “That was all?” “Well this brings back memories” he said with a hint of nervousness. “I will show power” said Vegeta as he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. Cell was nervous now. Vegeta’s power had increased dramatically. Vegeta announced “No one interfere. If anyone does, he will not be spared”. He and Cell then began to brawl. Each punch sending out air pressure waves. Each clash shaking the earth. It was an even fight. But Cell wasnt getting weaker. He was getting stronger but increase wasnt that big. Soon Vegeta realised he has to finish it in a single blow else Cell will become much more stronger than them. He decided to prepare for his Final Flash attack. Over years of practice had allowed him to unleash it at a moments notice. He screamed “Final Flash”  and there was a blinding light and Cell vanished in it. After the light disappeared, Cell was still there. But he had no limbs. He was bleeding. “How does that feel, Cell? Do you realise the difference in our powers. Evenif you somehow manage to grow stronger, I still have a more powerful transformation. Give up and die but before that tell us where is Frieza. I want to kill that alien for the atrocities he has done.” said Vegas with pride. Cell said in shock “What atrocities are you talking about? What do you know of this world” “He has killed all the saiyans I am guessing except few which he couldn’t” said Vegeta. “Well yes, he did explode their planet. But do you know why!? I will tell you” he screamed. The next second he was cut in two pieces and then 4 and then so on and he was blasted away by Future Trunks. He screamed “What are you doing father? You were playing right into his hands. He was buying time to regenerate himself and then kill you. How have you become so sloppy” 

Vegeta said with anger “I knew that. What do you think I am a moron?” Though deep inside Vegeta knew he would have been a goner if Cell had regenerated then and that Trunks saved his life. The other aliens who remained to see this, were in shock. One of their strongest fighters had died. There was nothing left of him. They decided to flee away but the parallel versions did not let it happen. They shot their strongest energy beams and killing them all. Krillin was just shocked by how strong his parallel version is. How he was better than him in every way, he even had golden hair. Goku protested “That wasn’t necessary. You didn’t have to kill them.” The parallel version said with a ferocity “If you dont tell us who you are, you will be next”. Future Trunks along with the Z fighters explained that they were from a parallel universe. Then Vegeta asked “What is your story? Why am I such a wimp here and is his name Begeta!? I sure hope Cell was making fun of the name”

Next chapter : New Origins


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