Chapter 1:Who Are They? 

​Trunks had come back from the future to meet everyone,every once in a while. Bulma had set up a lunch party at her house. Everyone was having a lot of fun. Goku and Vegeta were having a competition of who could eat more. Krillin was looking at them and trying not to laugh and their faces as they ate like they hadnt eaten anything for a long time. Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotza, Puar and Oolong were talking and laughing about their encounters. Gohan and Videl were playing with their daughter Pan. Hercule was posing and entertaining his daughter. Majin buu was eating sweets. Maron, Trunks and Goten were in their teen years and were talking about relationships. Future Trunks was with Bulma talking about his life. Bulma said “You have been visiting us quite often now. Won’t your mother be worried?” She paused for a few moments and then burst into laughter. Trunks replied ” No, my mother is very cool. Anyway she has been working alot on a new thing. Something to do with multiverses. She is trying to build a inter-universe travelling vehicle. She already has made a time traveling machine” “Your mom is so cool and intelligent” said Bulma. Both of them laughed alot. Finally Trunks left. Goku said “It is fun to have him here sometimes. Gives us a reason to meet and eat alot of food” Chi Chi snapped “All you want to do is eat. At least thank Bulma for the food” Everyone laughed and parted away.

A few weeks later. Goku’s house received a phone call from Capsule Corporation. Goku, Goten and Gohan immediately rushed there. There they found Vegeta and Trunks waiting. Krillin was also present with Piccolo. Then Future Trunks arrived with a capsule in his hand. “My mother has finally completed. A machine to travel to different universes” said Trunks. Everyone was in a disbelief. “Alternate universes is just a theory” said Gohan. ” It is now a reality. I wish all of you to travel with me to a new universe. I am not that strong as you all. If I face any danger beyond my capabilities and I were to perish. This device will the be in the hands of evil who will only seek harm. I cannot let that happen. We have seen what happens when a time travelling machine falls in the hand of a villian like Cell.I don’t wish to repeat it” said Trunks in a serious tone.”Of course we will help you” said Goku. “I may even have a good sparring match with someone” said Vegeta. “We dont want to go. We have dates” said Trunks. Goten nodded. Vegeta in anger said “You boys are worthless. Going after girls when you should be training. As it is you both a slacking off half the time. Come with us at once or else….” Trunks jumped with fear. He said ” I will come dad. This was Goten’s idea anyway”. “was not” “was” “was not”. Piccolo growing impatient with this, glared at the boys. The boys understood and decided to come along. Krillin thought “What should I do?” Trunks pressed the capsule and it transformed into a plane like vehicle. “I specifically asked mom to make it this big so that i could take people with me”. As everyone was boarding the plane, Krillin stood there. Goku asked “Arent you coming along?” Krillin hesitated for a second and said “I dont think I should. I am not as strong as you all” “I will probably die again” he said jokingly. Goku said “Nonsense, You are strong and helped us in many tough patches. You have lived through it all, at least you have been brought to life but still you live on manage to help us all. Besides you are my best friend, I wont let anything happen to you” These words had truth and soul in them. They motivated Krillin to come. He thought “Maybe I am not that strong. But surely I have helped in my own way. I wont be a burden on them. I will get stronger”.

All of then boarded and Trunks then flipped a switch. The machine started making a noise. Trunks said ” There maybe some side effects because of the travel. Also let us hope we get there in one piece and we dont loose our organs or limbs” Everyone gasped. Teen Trunks yelled “What did you say? What the fu”. Future Trunks said “Let us go now” and he pressed the button. It was a different feeling. They felt pressure on their entire body. They felt as though they were getting disintegrated and also being rebuild immediately. Finally they came to their senses and the machine seemed still. They had finally transported to a new universe. Some of them even thought that maybe it didn’t work and they were in their own universe. They walked out. Suddenly Krillin and Goten fell down on their knees. Goten said “I feel my head spinning” Krillin followed up by say “That’s it? I feel i am si..” and he puked. Future Trunks said “Yes these are some side effects to it. You will soon get used to it” Teen Trunks said “But I dont want to travel universes. I am happy in my own” The others seemed fine but surely there was a toll of the inter-universe travel. This world seemed very similar to theirs. Blue sky, trees, animals, civilisation and a Capsule Corporation. “We never travelled, your mother must have miscalculated something” said Piccolo. Trunks said “My mom never makes a mistake. We are in a parallel universe.” Suddenly the sky grew dark. Everyone looked above and saw a legion of aliens. All of them in armour. Krillin exclaimed “These armours are similar to those wore by Frieza’s men” “They will destroy this planet and everyone on it” said Future Trunks. “We have to protect them” said Goku. Everyone flew towards the army. As they were flying there, they saw some individuals also flying with them. Who are they was the question on everyone’s mind.
Next chapter : Doppelgangers


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