Inner Demons

​Woke up to the sound of thunder, 

It feels just like the time of my blunder, 

Is this all destined? Decided beforehand? 

If I do this will I reach my goal? 

Or do I go even further than it? 

Are they being insincere? 

Or am I overthinking it? 

Are people helping me? 

Or are they just pointing out my mistakes? 

Are they seeing, feeling what I am? 

Or are they just pretending? 

Do I get my wishes fulfilled? 

Or do I fulfil their wishes? 

Am I being selfless or stupid? 

What is more? What is less? 

Will someone help me with my dilemmas? 

Or am I supposed to deal with them alone? 

Forever walking on the edge, 

Always knowing what is over the ledge, 

How do you act then? 

How blissful it must be, 

To be unaware of one side of the coin,

To always know whatever happens, 

It will always be heads

There is no way out it seems, 

My Curse and My Gift, 

To feel what others feel, 

To see what others see, 

Forever in search of someone, 

Who can feel what I feel, 

See what I see, 

I hope to meet them someday, 

Maybe they can give solace, 

Maybe….. Someday.


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