Being Apollo

We all have ups and downs in our life. Sometimes we pull through them ourselves or with the help of our friends and family. In our bad phases of life, we have a company of either a friend or family. They help us during our lowest points. They direct us and help us cope with the problems at hand. We cherish such people. We adore them and believe we are lucky enough to have them in our lives. But in these periods of our lives we often forget the “less important” people. 

Now someone may ask “Who are these less important people?” These people are those friends/acquaintances with whom we gel good enough. There is no antipathy or sympathy with them. You respect them for who they are. You may not like them like you like your best friend or your college/school group. They are such people with whom you spend a few minutes in a week just to check on how they are and, depending on their chemistry, more. You dont share everything with them but they enough about your general life. Normally anyone would say that these people aren’t that important in our lives. But if we really think about it and be honest to ourselves, we will realise they mean alot more than it would seem.

When you are low, probably because you just had a break up or you aren’t performing properly at work, you tend not to talk to people. But this random friend just messages you some funny picture or some good song. Your day rating might have increased from a 5 to a 6. Your day just brightened a little if not completely. They might just randomly message you about a past event involving you and bring back those happy memories. They might just do things to make your life happy.

When you are happy and they message you, they probably wont brighten your day but surely wont make it darker. You might tell them about the good thing that happened to you, sparing the innermost details and meanings, they celebrate your achievement also.

Now one might argue that these things can be done by a best friend also. But if really think about it, Isn’t your best friend relationship more like a symbiotic one?  They invest in you, help you and you do the same. There wont be such a “bestie” relationship where only one gives and one takes. But with these people this is not the case. You won’t feel uneasy if you dont talk to them one day. There will be times where you wont reply to their messages, probably because you are busy, and even forget to reply later. These people will be hurt but will get over it automatically by realising that not everyone is as free as them. They will message again but after a few days. A bestie will probably call a million times that day or leave a tonne of messages later.

The thing that separates them from your other friends is the time they give you. Like you, they also have a life. But they would spare some time just to message you. Time is the only thing we know is finite. You cannot predict how it all will end. They still message you just to know how you are. Don’t they deserve a simple reply or at least that we reply to them as soon as possible. They are like the Sun. They burn brightly in your life. They provide you with the most basic form of happiness. But with time, we forget how important they are. What we don’t remember is that the Sun is burning its own hydrogen so that it can be bright. The sun may not realise what effects it has on others. But you do. Eventually though the Sun will die out. Maybe then you can be their Sun. 


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