Attention – A power 

In any relationship, the one thing that matters the most is giving attention to the opposite person. You stop or reduce it and the dynamics of the relationship starts changing. Any normal human being likes attention. We all like showing off our skills. We like being the centre of attention. It is a similar situation in a relationship as it involves only two people.

But attention has alot more power than we realise. We have ignored someone in our lives and we have been ignored by others. Ignoring someone gives us a sense of superiority that they don’t matter. But if we are ignored, we feel inferior and that we dont matter in that person’s life. We try in different and often colourful ways to catch their attention. Somehow having their attention is a sense of happiness or achievement. We have power in their lives. Since we matter to them, they might include us in their daily activities.

It is human nature to try obtaining things we cannot have. We try and try. No wonder we crave attention from people who wont give it. But what about those who do give it to you? Some cases people reciprocate to the same extent. But in some cases, it is ignored and taken from granted. It can be similar to unrequited love. We start assuming that the person will always be there no matter what, no matter how we act. But what happens if that person realises he can be friends with better people or that he can be romantically involved with some other person? We are left with this unknown void. We never knew we had it until too late.

The problem in our teenage years is that we want things which we cant have or dont deserve. For anything we have to work hard but after getting it we dont have to work hard for it again. On getting selected for the perfect job, my job should be fun and easy and not tiring and causing me depression. On finding a best friend/soulmate/boyfriend or girlfriend, the relationship should be fun and should make you happy. If we have to work for their attention still, does it mean you arent significant in their lives? If so,  dont be deserve better people? 

We never appreciate enough what we have. It is perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of our stories. We realise what we were missing out on only after we dont have it. We have people around our lives who care for us. They give you their everything. A little more attention to them and a little less on other people wont cost you anything. If anything it might just make their lives alot more better and in turn yours. 

Power, power, 

I will never understand the power you were holding over me, 

Power, power,

Oh you had it too long, yes you had it too long. 



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