What are soulmates? Someone with whom we connect on an emotional level. Someone with whom it just clicks. Nowadays the term is mostly used in case of a romantic relationship. It now also involves a physical compatibility also. But are soulmates just restricted to being romantic? Can a friend or a family member be your soul mate? Someone with whom you connect and feel safe around. 

Soulmate is someone who makes you feel whole. Someone who makes you a better person. These are people who are different from you yet around them you feel safe and you open your true self. They have qualities that you don’t possess. They help you see these qualities. They get you thinking “Hell I wish I was like him/her”. They make you feel things that you wouldn’t normally feel for someone like empathy, sympathy. They care so much about you that it feels unreal. You would do anything for them. Usually you know when you meet a soulmate.

When they are going through something, you will do anything in your power to help them out. So that they can go through with their ordeal. When they are happy you feel happy. It may sound like a romantic relationship. But it is not one. There is also a respect in this relationship. You respect your soulmate for who they are. You feel lucky to have met such a person. How much ever of a bravado we have, deep down we know our flaws. Any person who is close to us, has accepted us with our flaws. Our soulmate will try and help us improve our present self. They will know our flaws and know just the right things to make us understand things.

All of us have a soulmate. Someone is out there who will bring down your walls. You will be your truest self and be honest to him/her. You won’t hide anything. You will do this because you wish to and not out of compulsion. If we ever find such a person we should cherish them. There aren’t many people in this world who can get into your most personal space

Kawai means cute in Japanese while Sakura is the cherry blossom tree, which is beautiful. They are not the same but they complement each other like soulmates would. 

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known
– Sharon Begley


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