Are we running away ? 

Recently everyone is just living in the moment. “Carpe Diem” “YOLO” “Yeh sabh moh maya hain (We are carrying for materialistic things)” are just said by everyone almost every other second. All of us feel trapped. But are most of us just running away and avoiding our problems? What is trapping us? Responsibilities? Hard Work? Life
Do we give up so easily? Recently there is an increase in divorces and breakups. We read or hear about it almost every other day. We try becoming someone else for people we love but eventually we revert back. When asked to study, we all study. Some of us dont grasp the subjects sometimes and we just give up saying this isnt for me. Then we say “YOLO” and things to justify why we aren’t trying. We see a couple of movies and read couple of posts and we think we are the person in that movie or post. But we aren’t. Those people led or lead a different life from us. Some similar passages doesn’t mean it is completely the same.

We don’t see people coming from backgrounds,where they have accomplish things in their life for their family, say these things. They have seen the sacrifices their parents make for them. They want to repay their parents a debt they feel they owe them. Not that there are exceptions. Some of us just give up and as people say “YOLO” We want things but we have to work for it. Sometimes very hard and it takes alot of time. As seen in the book “The alchemist” sometimes we need to work hard. We have to understand what is applicable when and where.

Your chances of success are one in a thousand, so you forget the thousand and concentrate on the one. ONE is all you ever need

-Doctor Who


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