In a different galaxy, similar to ours but different in many more ways. Somewhere in the vastness of space,  an alien is being shot at by a horde of aliens who are of a different species. Energy blasts are being thrown at him. He retaliates with his own energy blasts. From the group of aliens, One screamed  “You can’t run away now!!  Your the last of your kind.  WE DESTROYED YOUR PLANET!!!!”.  He replied “You monsters, It was my people’s mistake to give you a chance. But it is in our nature to forgive,  so I give you a final chance of atonement. Leave me alone and stay on your planet and do not hurt others. I will forgive you for the misery you have caused others. Some one else taunted him by saying “Thank you for your generous offer but no. We love fighting and we will conquer every planet in this universe for the thrill of fighting”. “Dont think that we won’t kill you because you have our prince in your custody. He is a small price to pay for the  chance of sovereignty  over the entire universe. In a few minutes, we will be sending our babies to various planets so that they can conquer them. You have lost the fight” said the first alien.

The compassionate alien thought to himself “These monkeys are a threat to this universe. I have to eliminate them now else this universe will perish. I will have to use the forbidden move. This move can destroy planets and I will have to destroy this planet for the greater good”. He suddenly released a huge amount of energy. This way he shocked his pursuers. It gave him enough time to make a large ball of energy. He screamed “Forgive me but this is the only way to ensure the safety of the universe. The reign of Saiyans will never come”. One of them screamed and started throwing energy blasts at it before he met his doom. But as he was dying he smiled. His companion screamed “NO!!!!!  BARDOCK!! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS FRIEZA”. She fired a energy blast which hit Frieza but at the cost of her life. Frieza was wounded but not dead. He saw his energy ball kill the group of saiyans after him. The ball then went towards the planet and the planet exploded.

He then spoke with himself “It will be for the best if I kill their Prince Vegeta. Every Saiyan is a threat to this universe. The legends have mentioned a truely powerful warrior of Saiyan origin who was so powerful that it destroyed him”. He then flew off. Unknown to him that from the other side some capsule pods containing Saiyan babies had already left the planet and were going to their respective planets.

In an another universe, the Z-fighters were enjoying their lives. They were st Bulma’s house for a picnic. Suddenly in the sky there was a flash and everyone was delighted. A big vessel came down and from it emerged Trunks. Everyone greeted him and everyone sat down for lunch.


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