Being Good is the Right way….. Right? 

‘Kalyug’ is the present era that we live in according to Hindu mythology. According to it, Kalyug is the period where there is crime and corruption. The leaders will not care about the public. People who try to do good things will face alot of problems. But in school we were always taught to do good things. Helping others,  doing the thing that is right. I always thought right and good are synonyms. But then on thinking back I realised maybe they are not so interchangeable. 

To clear it more, I will give an example. You worked all year long for your exams. But you still scored less marks. You and everyone genuinely know you are a smart person. Everyone believes so and no one is wearing ‘mom googles’ (Reference from The Goldbergs TV show). So now you can only get you into a comparatively lesser good college. But your relative can get you into a better college through connections. So now you have two choices.

GOOD : You decide not to take the help of your relatives. You decide to settle with what you get. By doing so you might possibly let a more worthy student attend this better college.

RIGHT : You decide to take the help your uncle. You start attending this better college. By doing so you possibly took away a chance of a worthy student whose only fault is that he doesn’t know influential people. But you need to attend this college for your own growth and success.

If this couldnt quite make you understand the difference, maybe another example might like exams. We know how redundant exams have become. They don’t challenge students anymore. It is like a series of fixed and predictable questions. But the education system works on it. Now during exams almost everyone cheats. Very few don’t. The few that don’t are because either they know all the answers or they think it is morally wrong. The RIGHT thing would be that it is ok to cheat so that you can score higher. The GOOD thing is not to cheat and accept what you get.

In this world, doing good literally gives you no advantage but instead gives you disadvantages and more problems. As also Charles Darwin has said “Survival of the fittest”. Here it means that to survive you have to adapt to your surroundings. So does that mean you stop doing good things and start doing the right things? No wonder suddenly everyone is watching so many shows and reading many books. Sure all these things have good stories and substance. But maybe one reason also for it is that it is only in these places that good actions are rewarded. The heroes are damaged but still manage to come back and win.

Most of us have become people who only think of doing good. People have started doing good by likening it with helping the poor and needy only. Does only doing charity work mean you are doing good while somewhere else you might possibly be cheating your way out of exams? But it is the right way. It is not a selfish and stupid choice as some might think. It is what helps us survive in this world. We live in a society where we have to do the right thing to succeed and possibly get happiness. In the end the choice is with us about what we want to do.


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