It is always the small things

We all do big things on the special days for the people we love. We make collages, videos, customised gifts. We think the gift is one of the greatest gestures of our love towards them. But it is not the only one. We often forget that even on other days we can do things which can appreciated by our loved ones. These small things make a lot of difference. You might just say something that the opposite person was looking for. They could feel like they are on cloud nine. The small gestures dont just stop at our family and besties. We miss little things with our classmates, strangers.

When you are meeting your friends. Everyone talks about the new things in their life. During that time if someone takes out their phone to check on something. It is rude to do so. It just shows that you are uninterested in the stories of your friends. Everyone perceives this action as a rude action. But we can forget that probably he is checking his phone regarding something that is important. Like probably he was going to get some important mail or he was checking on his other friend who is sick.

All of us have a friend who helps us academically. He shares his assignments, notes. He helps you understand some concepts even subjects at times. These people help you do better in your exams. We all respect such people. They help us achieve things which we think we cant achieve. Have we ever told them how awesome they are ? How much they really have helped us ? Some people do say it. But a majority dont. We just call such people with nicknames out of affection. It is good way to acknowledge what they do but a better way is to tell them about it. It would mean a whole lot more than a nickname. The people who help us dont ask for such things. They probably think what they do isnt so big but they should know it is a big thing.

Your best friends, these are the people with whom you have done everything. Sometimes just telling them what they mean to do will just brighten their day. You can even give them little things too like a small personalized gift or a flower. For your family, anything you do is less. But you always help your mom with her chores. Making a juice or milkshake for your parents is just as good. Even just saying you “I love you Mom/Dad” will be the best thing you can do for them.

Sometimes we are busy with our life. We have to study/work. We probably have something that is due. During that time one of our friends texts us. We would message like everything is fine and that we are free. But in our mind we are totally focused on our work. We cant be totally into the conversation. It might come off as your not interested. It may cause a crack in your friendship without you knowing there is one. Everytime you do it, the crack widens. You can just say “Busy Ttyl”. But you should always message back. If everytime you say you are busy, it is rude. We can take out 5/10 minutes to catch up with our friends. Just 10 minutes of undivided attention to them.

It is the little things that will always matter. Just a laugh at someone’s joke, saying their display picture or status is nice. Just a few lines appreciating them will be one of the greatest things for them.


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