Drawing & Rearranging

-Clever how you use this beast.-We do not use it. It is his generosity. This was a line in an animated show “Samurai Jack”. This line should get us thinking that we see so many people who get used by other people. Usually we assume the person to be naive and think he doesnt know that he is being used. But does the person know that he is being used and that he is ok with it ? Does he think that it is important that he helps others even at the expense of him ? If he so, He is so generous and of a pure heart. But is it morally correct of for him to be used ? To what extent ? Is he being too foolish letting others reap rewards of his efforts ? When do you know that generous has become stupid ? Where to draw the line??

This depends person to person. How we are brought up. How the world has been with us. How we have been with the world. One fundamental behavoir is that people always like to follow the easier path. It makes sense that we want to live an easy life. But at whose expense that is the question. Some of us can look beyond the petty issues of life and help others. Everyone likes such people. But by doing so are we making the masses dependant on those select few ? By helping everyone everytime, are the masses becoming robots who can just copy what is written without thinking or understanding it ? This is not the case everytime. We have to think and ask ourselves have I worked for this ? We need to draw lines on when to ask for help or when to give help. In some cases redraw those lines as years pass by.

We have someone in our life who just loves us too much. Sometimes it can feel that I cant possibly live upto those levels of love and commitment. You may also feel guilty about it. So shouldnt we try and do something equivalent for those people ? If such a case exists, then there must be case where we are the ones who give so much to a person but they dont show the same level of commitment. We can wait for them to show that same level of love. But if they dont isnt it stupid to wait for them ? Sometimes things we are chasing after mean nothing. We need to understand when to give up when to not. It again depends and varies person to person. Some people just give too quick while some hold on hoping things will change.

We should always think about such things. There are ways to work out these things. We can always subtlety hint people about it if we cant be open with them. Sometimes people catch such hints sometimes they dont so you tell them directly. Some people do change. Some people try to but cant. Some dont ever. We need to realise who fits where and decide whether you hold on or you let go.

These are some examples where we need to draw lines and often rearrange these lines. They can include from spending money to friends. These lines help us decide if it is logical to take a certain step, Whether it is better to spend more on comics or clothes. These lines might just prevent us from shattering for life.


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