The Generation Transition 

Generation Gap, a term all of us have heard. Each generation is different from its predecessor, morally & technologically. Technologically all of us can agree it is a good thing. But morally, we cannot say. Morale has no simple right or wrong. There are too often grey areas.

What is right and wrong has changed over time with generations. In America, many great doctors and presidents had believed that black people are below them. They were test subjects. In another country, there used to be slave markets next to markets. In India, there were the untouchables and various rituals like Sati, Animal Sacrifice. For the current generations, all these things are just down right stupid. We wonder how were these things allowed ? Did not these people have humanity ? What we fail to understand is that this is what people were taught back then. This was a common teaching. We will also have such teachings that we feel are alright but actually arent. Like Pedophilia is considered as a crime eventhough it is a mental disease. It involves being sexually attracted to children and not committing sexual activities with them. Initially homosexuality was considered a crime but not anymore.

This begs the question are we better than predecessors or successors ? We certainly arent. We experiment on animals for drugs, medicines and various chemicals. We cut down trees for land. The corruption has just aggravated all this. Suppose One day I come to know that there is treasure inside the halls of my house. To find the treasure I burn my house down. This sounds so stupid yet this is what we are doing. With corruption I am basically destroying the very home I live in.

Our generation seems to have a less tolerance to life as compared to our parents or grandparents. Suddenly there is an increase in cases related to depression, divorce, suicides, substance abuse. Maybe it always existed on such a large scale but this is an issue. Students get depressed over bad grades and in extreme cases commit suicide. People marry withing 6 months of meeting each other. After a year or so they take divorces as they feel they are living with another person. It may sound that their decision of marriage was premature. But before there were arranged marriages and in some cases both of them met on the day of marriage. If things did not work, they would strive to work things out. Both the families tried to reconcile the marriage. It seems people have stopped trying. It is either this side or that. Dating is casual and break ups common. Who knows our children might be more eccentric.

With every generation our morales, rights & wrongs change. Each has their good and bad sides. We can only strive to be our best version.


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