When was the last time we tried understanding a stranger, our classmates, our friends ? People reply “We know our friends pretty well”. All of us have this ability to judge people in an instant. Just by how they look, talk, walk. This is not a bad thing. This very thing of judging things has kept us alive for million of years. But now that we are more evolved we can try looking beyond the outer shells of the people.

We just have these nicknames for our classmates and friends. The nicknames can be affectionate but alot of times they can be hurtful. We just say it out of affection and as a prank. We never realize that the opposite person might not like or is getting hurt as your continuously calling him/her something they feel isnt who they are. Nerd, Miser, Gossipers, Arrogant these names are different from those based on physical appearances. Those based on the body are just down right mean and cheap. But the ones based on how we act around people is not totally rude. It is who we are. But people do not look beyond this part. All they say “He is a miser, he wont spend even this much”. Their words carry judgement and not that understanding why they are who they are. Maybe “the miser” had financial issues as a child or still has. “The nerd” likes to learn new things. “The arrogant” maybe feels your a jerk for doing something,unknowingly, that hurt them.

All these people have a life beyond the classrooms. It is just that we are unaware about it. All these people have best friends. So there must be more to them than what meets our eyes. It is not important for us to know what it is but just that there is something more to them. “The arrogant” might just be the most helpful person. But we wouldnt see it because we cant see beyond that one bad situation. All of us are defined by a certain quality by our friends, classmates. It may not be our best quality but certainly a part of us.

We can just try showing the world that there is more than just an “oversmart” guy. People might say “People should accept you for who you are if they cant it is their problem”. But many of us dont know the other person at all. We just know a few parts of him/her. Maybe we should show the world who we are. Obviously if I only show my arrogant side, no one will like me. The world should be shown the whole me. If I dont then, I cant say the world is immature or that I am too unique for this world.

Next time we call someone by an adjective let us just remember that each one of us is beautiful with some qualities dominant over the others. If we show how vibrant and beautiful people we really are, everyone will accept us for who we are.  


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