What is the Ideal Life ?

When we ask someone what they want to do in their life ? What their ideal life is like. The most common part of their answers is a life involving where we are surrounded by friends and family, doing something that we love. There will always be variations from person to person. If someone had financial problems in his childhood, his ideal life will include having money and lots of it.

But nowadays teenagers answer it as to roam the world, play music, paint, play videogames. People say things to their friends like “Let’s leave all this behind & go on an adventure”. Their friends reply “Yeah, let’s do it”. Obviously both of them are joking. We all know we cant just leave to go amd roam places. If your best friend asks you “Hey let’s leave tomorrow for a trip”. Your first reaction will be sure let us go until you realize it is not a joke. Then you think and you realize how insane it is.

Our ideal life is a life where we are free. Where we can do whatever we want, where we are not constrained. Have we ever thought why saying yes and leaving behind everything is difficult. There are many reasons. The main being financial and uncertainty. Every ideal life needs money. You cant go for an adventure or a trip if you have no money. Even eating or playing games all require money. So does that mean money is an integral part of our life ? It is but not only part. Friends, Family, Food, Work do matter also.

Our ideal lives are everything we want to do in our lives. For people who say “Paisa hato ka mael hain”. These people should be asked to donate everything they have and live a life afterwards. We need materialistic things for our ideal lives. It is an ugly truth but a truth none the less.


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