Social Media – A Way Not to Fade Away

Social Media ranges from Facebook,Twitter to Youtube,Vine. I just happen to be from the generation who were introduced to Facebook in their early teens while Whatsapp in our 18’s. I look at myself right now on what I wish to post on the social media apps and I realize how much thought i put into posting something.

What do we do on social media ? On Facebook we post various pictures and messages showing our ideal and perfect lives. Snapchat involving live photos and videos involves the same thing. Vine and Youtube, we upload videos which offer something different or new. Gaming channels, Funny videos, Challenges (the new phenomenon everyone has to do). I personally uploaded Ed Sheeran Music Concert videos so that I could upload something to my channel.

I usually measure how good I am by viewing the likes, number of views. It gives me a sense of accomplishment if I get a certain amount of likes. On Whatsapp I always try to find a display picture and a corresponding status for it.

We try to put some twist into these posts/vines/snaps. Some caption involving a quote or something funny or something meaningful. We believe it will enhance our posts and make it standout in the news feed, not consciously at times.  

Recently all this has got me thinking. Why do We do this ?  We post images to show how nice our lives are. Maybe it is just that we need a nod from the society that we have perfect lives. We stand out in the crowd by these things. We like the attention we get. With an increase in social sites, human interaction has lessened. Whatsapp cant make up for our personalities. In the end we dont want to fade away in the crowd. We want to be seen. We want to leave something in the lives of people.

What we fear the most is fading away. We want our lives to matter. The film “A Beautiful Mind” shows us how John Nash wanted to do something original so that he could matter. We know that social media leaves a permanent mark. Social media wont vanish. For people from my generation, now facebook is a very embarassing place thanks to stalking done by our friends. In our early teens we posted everything about our lives, feelings on facebook. Maybe it was a vent for us or to show our friends what our lives are. With our unique and witty posts we will always remain. Even this blog is a way of immortalizing myself on the World Wide Web. Some of us accept this fact and try to change. You stop thinking about the number of likes and just post because we want to save this memory somewhere. Always ask yourself why are you posting it. If it is for the likes,maybe we need to change ourselves a lil. 


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