Dragon Ball Z

This is the final Chapter in the series. Thank you for the support 🙂

Chapter 7 :Suddenly Freezer felt a punch to this face. Krillin fell down. At the same time, just as Bocell was about to hit Pan, he felt a punch to his gut. He dropped Pan, but she did not fall to the ground. Then they saw Vegeta and Goku standing. Goku was holding Pan in her hands. Both had blue hair. They were in their Super Saiyan God form. Krillin said in relief “Thank God you are here Goku. If you would have been late, even by second, they would have killed Pan”. Vegeta said in disgust “These people have no honor. Attacking little kids”. “I always gave you people a chance to stop the fight. But you all always tried to destroy earth and my friends. Sometimes you hope that people will finally give up on revenge but it is foolish to think that you people can do the same. No more holding back. You all die” said Goku angrily. “We will see about that in a second” said Bocell. Both charged at the heroes. They were just about to make contact with them when suddenly they disappeared. Goku left Pan near Videl and said “All of you stand clear”. Vegeta said “You all Picollo, Gotenks, Gohan and Uub, protect them. We will deal with these buffoons”. “You got it” said Uub.

Goku and Vegeta charged against Bocell and Freezer. Their clash created a huge shockwave. The winds blew violently. Bocell fought with Goku while Vegeta fought with Freezer. Each blow by either party was blocked by the opposite person. Goku used Instant Transmission for a surprise attack. It was not helpful as Bocell too knew Instant Transmission he countered all his attacks. Vegeta tried hitting Freezer with a series of guided blasts. They all met their target but they did not harm Freezer. Vegeta was astounded. Then suddenly Freezer teleported and punched Vegeta. Finally after a series of punches and kicks, Goku snd Vegeta came next to each other. Vegeta said “Kakarot, Can you feel an energy level from these guys ? I cant feel anything. It feels I am fighting ‘nothing’. It is scary”. “Yeah I noticed too. It was thanks to Whis training that we can somehow manage. We still haven’t exactly mastered that technique. We have to try and beat them” said Goku. Both of them rushed to their enemies. Goku used the Kamehameha wave on Freezer. Vegeta used the Big Bang attack on Bocell. They were hurt a little but not to the extent the duo expected. Then suddenly both were getting hit by a barrage of fists. Vegeta and Goku couldn’t see some of the punches, that is how fast those fists were. To break free of it, Goku used Instant Transmission and kicked Bocell such that he bashed with Freezer. Goku said “They are strong. This is gonna be tough. I am going all out here and they don’t even show a hint of fatigue”. Then both the villians started an energy barrage. At the end of it, Goku and Vegeta were barely able to stand.

“Get out of the way Freezer” screamed Bocell as he got cut in half by disc. At the same time Krillin screamed “Goku Vegeta Do the FUSION”. Goku and Vegeta readied themselves. They knew they had a few seconds. Freezer knew they would be in for trouble if the saiyans fused. But in his way were the Z fighters. He quickly defeated everyone except Uub. But at the same time Bocell regenerated his half body and raced towards the saiyans. Vegeta saw it and thought that it would be impossible to fuse now. “Carry on that fusion. I will help you buy some time. Actually my friend here would help you”. Suddenly a pink blob appeared in front of Bocell. Majin Buu had appeared with Hercule. As the saiyan duo was out of phase due to the recent scare, they had to start all over. Freezer and Bocell thought now they have a chance. They decided to defeat the two new buffoons as soon as possible. Freezer attacked Uub but to his surprise he dodged it. He then screamed and released his energy. Freezer was astounded by it. Uub then hit him in his face with such speed that Freezer did not see it. It lacked power and did just bruise him but Freezer was startled. But the next punch from Freezer floored Uub. On the other side Bocell blasted off Buu’s head. But he regenerated it. He then used a series of blasts to slow down Bocell. He did so but Bocell was just scratched by those blasts. He then kicked Buu so hard he flew away. But by this tome the saiyans had fused and Gogeta was born.

Freezer and Bocell were scared. Suddenly both felt a force to their faces. It wasn’t a punch. Just a palm, palm of Gogeta. It was as though their heads were ljke balls to him and he was practicing throwing. The force of the throw was so great that both flew into outer space. Gogeta said “Give that mask that I asked you to make Bulma”. “Right away” she said as she threw a mask towards him. Chi Chi asked “ What is that ?”. “It is mask that allows you to breathe in space. Goku asked to create it. He said that it is important that he did the fighting somewhere else. He was lucky that Whis turned back time when Frieza destroyed earth”.

Now in outer space Gogeta was following the trajectory of the flying Bocell and Freezer. He could not find them. He could not sense them. Suddenly a punch flew towards him but he dodged it. Bocell exclaimed “How!!!” But then the kick by Freezer made contact with him. Like this some punches connected while some he dodged. Sometimes he would block them with ounches or kicks. They clash would be so strong that there would be distortions in the cosmic clouds around. Sometimes even the rings around Saturn would distort or moons around Jupiter vibrate. “It is good I am getting a hang of this technique” said Gogeta. “Looks like our beating has done some brain damage” laughed Freezer. “You haven’t used any technique yet!! You moron” said Bocell. “Not an energy move. This technique helps me dodge your blows. If you haven’t noticed, I am slowly dodging more and more of your attacks. This is a technique both of us are learning since the last time we met you Freiza. It doesn’t matter if we cant feel your energy, this technique doesn’t require that. Whiz has been teaching us that this whole time. Now time to go all out. You both are gonna pay for what you did” said Gogeta. “Let’s see you try” both said unanimously. But then both felt series of punches. Then a series of kicks. Both couldn’t counter them at all. They were bruised a lot. It seemed they had to muster all their strength to stand. “Now you both or rather you four die” said Gogeta. He then said “Big Bang Kamehameha”. Both screamed “NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”. After the smoke cleared both were standing there. There was something odd about them. Then Gogeta noticed the ‘M’ on their foreheads. Then Gogeta felt a barrage of punches. They were stronger and faster. He couldn’t dodge them all like before. Each punch stronger then the previous one. Then Gogeta was almost on the verge of falling down. Suddenly the M disappeared and Gogeta could feel their energy. He dodged the incoming punches. “We have taken care of Babidi, Gogeta” said a mysterious voice inside his head. It was none other than Kibitoshin or the Supreme Kai. He said “Now you can fight them with ease. We have made Babidi unconscious. His magic wont work anymore now”. Then suddenly the pair of villians became a quadruplet. Their fusion dissolved. Frieza screamed “Impossible!!! It is still only 20 mins”. “We have used to much power. That stupid Majin form must have drained our time” said Cell. “Now time to go now. Once you loose a body in this form, You can never get it back”. He then shot energy balls towards Cooler and Bojack. Both of them disappeared. Looking at this Frieza and Cell trembled in fear. They begged to the saiyan “We wont harm you ever again. Please don’t kill us”. Gogeta said “Fine, if I see you people once again then you both will die”. Then King Yenma brought the duo to Hell back and locked them away. He thanked the Z fighters. Everyone returned to their normal lives.c


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