Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 6 :
Gohan opened his eyes. He saw Videl. She was delighted that he woke up. “Your awake Gohan, Thank goodness”. Gohan said with a tone of tension “Are you alright ? How are my mother and Pan ?”. “They are alright. They were not harmed. Atleast not like the others. Vegeta, Picollo, Goten, Trunks, Dende and your Dad”. “Daddy your awake” cried out a sweet voice. “Yes Pan I am awake now” said Gohan. “Dad you know Mr.Popo was saying that Grandfather suddenly came out of nowhere at this place. He came with another person who looked like a blue catfish. He then used that teleportation technique to bring us all here”. “Where is ‘here’ exactly ??”. “We are at Kami’s Lookout” said Chi Chi. “MOM!!! Thank god your alright”. Gohan asked “Where is everyone ?”. They are being given a Senzu Bean right now, just like you were”. When everyone woke up, there was silence in the group. Everyone knew what they were against. “Who are these people you people got beaten by ?” Asked Krillin in a tone of fear. “They are enemies we beat before” said Picollo. “They have fused using the fusion dance” said Goku. “Freiza and Cooler – FREEZER” said Vegeta. “Bojack and Cell – BOCELL” said Gohan. “Your kidding” said Krillin. “Those people are really strong, almost as strong as that Golden Frieza” said Goten and Trunks in unison. “Just Great!! We are out of senzu beans and Dende and King Kai are still unconscious. Even these two new enemies are as strong as that Golden Frieza. What are we gonna do???!!!!” Said Krillin.

Mr. Popo said “Goku and Vegeta use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber”. “If they decide to attack then what ?” Asked Uub. “They will have to wait for another 1 hr before they can do the fusion, I think” said Goku. “But for the fusion you told us, that two individuals cant fuse for 1 hr” said Goten. “Yes, I told you both that. That is the minimum amount of time between fusions but they are using a lot of energy. There are chances that the time might have increased between the fusions”. “We should hurry Kakarot, we cant waste another minute now” said Vegeta. “Yes, we should. Bulma I have to ask you to do something. You will have to make it within an hour”. Bulma said “Whatever it is, I will try and do it before that”. Goku told Bulma what he needed and then they both went into another dimension.

“Another 7 minutes, till they come out” said Uub. “It is good that we all decided to train a little” said Picollo. “What did Goku tell my mom? She has been working all day in that mini lab she has set up here over the course of years” said Trunks. Gohan screamed out “EVERYONE!!GET READY. THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!”. Krillin in disbelief said “My God, this is another level of power”. “Good all of you are here together, killing you all will be much more easier” said Bocell. Trunks and Goten fused and readied themselves for the battle. Uub thinking to himself “ I can beat them. I have trained with Goku”. On one side Picollo, Gohan, Gotenks and Uub on the other Bocell and Freezer. “ It is good now we have an even number else there would have been unequal distribution of fun” said Freezer. Picollo said “Everyone we need to hold them up for a few more minutes”. Bocell mockingly said “So that Goku and Vegeta come and save you all again? We will destroy you before all they arrive”. “They will see in horror what happened to their family and friends” laughed Freezer.

A battle ensued between the two sides. Picollo & Gotenks V/S Freezer and Gohan & Uub V/S Bocell. Each blow by the duo either missed or was countered by the fused warriors. Then Picollo shouted “Special Beam Cannon”. It was deflected by Freezer with ease. Gotenks used his Ghost Kamikaze Attack. Each of the ghosts made contact with Freezer and a series of blasts occurred. After the dust cleared, they saw Freezer unharmed not even a scratch on him. Gotenks said “We need to increase our power now”. He then powered up to his Super Saiyan 3 level. Picollo also powered up to his ‘Super Namekian’ form. They continued fighting him. On the other side Gohan was fighting in his ‘Ultimate’ form. Uub was fighting at his maximum level also. Gohan screamed “Kame-Hame-Haaaaaaa”. Bocell stood still. He did not move an inch and took the beam head on. He was unharmed and then suddenly lauched a series of energy blasts at him. Bocell deflected the half in such a manner that those half blasted the other half of the blasts. “Fun time is over now” said Bocell. “U said it” agreed Freezer. With a few quick blows to the Z-fighters, all of them fell to the ground. Gotenks said “This is upsurd. How can they be this strong???!!”. Uub said in pain “I thought I was much stronger than this. I am sorry Goku”. Freezer said “Don’t feel sorry. You people werent a match for our power level. Now for our revenge”. They walked towards the ladies. Picollo said “You bastards!!! Stay away from them”. “We arent going to hurt the ladies. Just Goku’s friend and Gohan’s most precious thing, his daughter”. Both of them then laughed with malice. Freezer caught a hold of Krillin and Bocell of Pan. Bulma Videl and Chi-Chi started hitting Bocell. But it was in vain even they knew that but they had to try. Pan was just a small child. She was not a part of this fight. Chi chi said “Have you got no shame!! Hurting a small child”. “Everything is fair” said Bocell. He powered up. The shear force sent the women flying away. Pan was crying and trying to hit Bocell. She said “You monster, My Grandpa will beat you up. You just wait”. Freezer said to Krillin “Do you remember how I killed you ?” Let us see a repeat performance. He just lifted his fingers and Krillin started floating. He knew where this was going. He thought to himself “It is good I asked 18 and Marron to stay at home. Goku please protect my family”. Picollo was screaming in anger. It was like a déjà vu to him. He screamed “Frieza, Stop this madness. Don’t kill him”. “Don’t you dare hurt my little girl” screamed Gohan. “Relax Gohan I am going to make her end quick. She wont even feel a thing. But You will!!!!” Laughed Bocell.


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