Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 5 :
After Frieza was defeated again by Goku. He was sent back to Hell. Cell told him “So you came back. As expected from the most powerful being in the universe. You’re an oaf, Frieza. You had a chance and you blew it”. “Cell if I had my powers right now, I would show you your place. Your specialness comes from a test-tube”. Cooler intervened and said “Brother, you’re a fool. Even after training so much you could not beat that ape”. “Everyone here is a critic. Why don’t you people just get resurrected and when you beat them then you can call me whatever you want”. Babidi said “Now now you people shouldn’t fight. I have a plan to beat those wretched bastards”.

King Yenma was doing his job. Then Babidi came there. Yenma asked “Why did you want to see me ?” “King Yenma, all these people in hell are always causing problems. They revolt against you. Eventhough they have no powers, they still are a trouble for your staff down there. I have a proposition. I can make these people fall under your control. I have a spell that will do that. You wont ever have to worry about them anymore”. King Yenma told him with anger “You underestimate me. I can handle those flies. You shouldn’t doubt me. Now you can back to Hell”. “My offer stands. If you want my help you know where to find me”.

The next day King Yenma said in anger “These guys, Goku kills, where does he find them. Always creating problems and creating havoc. Even today, they decide to create a mess”. This continued for some time. Finally King Yenma lost his patience. He shouted “Aarggggghhhhh, These cretins have no limits. Even if I lock them, the next moment they are out they cause trouble. It is maddening. I will have Babidi give me the control over these buffoons. Call Babidi here”. After some time, Babidi came. King Yenma “I want you to place those nutjobs, Frieza, Cell and his gang, under my control. Do your thing”. “You could have accepted my help earlier. But better late than never. I will do my ‘thing’ now”.

Down in hell, the villians were discussing “Why is it taking so much time for Babidi for such an important job. Without this we cant proceed with our plan” said Bojack. Then Babidi came back and along with him, the guards of hell. Frieza said “Why is here ? He was gonna call us up there right ? Looks like that vermin managed to botch up the plan”. “Seems so. We created havoc and suffered the punishment for nothing” said Cooler. After the guards left, Cell taunted Babidi “So much for your MASTER PLAN, you failed ultimately you wizard. You were supposed to call us to King Yenma”. “You don’t talk to the master of Hell and Heaven like this. I can control you now if I want to. I tricked that fool into giving my powers”. Bojack said “So complete your end of the deal and give us our powers”. Babidi replied “You all have received your powers back as soon as I came back to this hell hole”. Cell replied “Yes, I can feel my energy returning”. Then Frieza screamed out “YES!! I FINALLY HAVE MY POWER BACK TO BEAT THOSE WORTHLESS MONKEYS”. Saying so he powered up. The shear force was so great that some trees uprooted. There was a force of wind created. Cooler shouted to Frieza “YOU IDIOT, Why did you POWER UP ??!!!! Your levels could be read by those people”. Bojack said “So much for our master plan. One stupid person ruins everything”. Frieza replied with pride “Let them come, I will beat them this time”. Cell patronized by saying “Yeah just like the last time”. Babidi interrupted before a fight broke out between them “All of you can power up how much ever you want. I have put a spell to hide your energies. I knew one of you will get impatient and power up”.

After years of training, all their power levels increased to a whole new level. Frieza replied “This is not enough, We will never be able to beat those monkeys with these power levels”. “You are just getting paranoid now Frieza. All of us are beyond your ‘Golden form’ “ replied Bojack. “No, My Golden form losses power fast. And all of us are just on par with it. All our energy disappear too fast. We have to find a way around this”. Babidi interrupted and said “I think I can help you there, Do you all remember that fight with Super Buu ? He fought against one brat. He was actually a fusion of two brats. You can do that. You all have seen the steps also. Frieza can go with Cooler and Cell with Bojack”. “I am not doing some stupid dance for a fusion” protested Cell. “You really have Vegeta’s cell in you” laughed Cooler. Bojack replied “Cell this is our chance to beat them, Don’t let your pride come in between”. After a deep thought, Cell agreed to it. They practiced the dance but never performed the fusion as Babidi wasn’t sure if he could hide that big a power level.

Finally the day came for the execution of their plan. Cell and Bojack along with Cooler and Frieza did the fusion dance “Fu-si-on Ha”. Babidi watched with horror and relief as he could feel power. His doubt about the energy concealment also disappeared as no one had arrived at the scene. Two new warriors were born- Bocell and Freezer. Their power too immense. Freezer said “This is what power is!!!” Bocell replied “Those vermin are going down”. Freezer told Bocell “I am going to first eliminate that medic Namekian. He might screw up the plan. Goku is mine”. Bocell replied “Yes do that. You alone cant have all the fun. I feel this deep anger for Goku’s son Gohan. Indirectly I will cause pain to Goku by killing his son”.

Present time – The fusion dissolved after 25 mins. They were discussing now how to go forward with their plan.


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