Dragon Ball Z

Chapter 4:Before Goku could turn, “You turn around and I put you down. I don’t want to kill you now. I want you to..”. Goku tried hitting the person with his elbow by swinging it back, the unknown identity caught it with ease . “Now now play nicely. It is rude to interrupt someone when they are speaking. As I was saying I want you to feel true despair”. Goku was thinking in his mind who is this guy ?What did I ever do to him. Then suddenly Goku felt a swing on his head. He was losing consciousness. He did not know what to do. In his last few seconds before he fell down he heard the mysterious figure say “We will have our revenge. You have killed me twice but not this time”. Goku could barely see the person. He thought to himself “Is this Frieza ? Looks like him. But wait it is not him !!!”. And then he fell to the ground.

Back on Earth, Vegeta and Picollo were going to Gohan’s place to warn him. Both felt a huge energy in the direction of Master Roshi’s house. Vegeta exclaimed “WHO IS THIS GUY ? What an energy”. Picollo said “Vegeta, it is the ‘same guy’ who solar flared us at the lookout. We have to go to Roshi’s place fast. Come on”. As they raced there, in their minds only one question “WHO IS THIS PERSON”. Then suddenly the power disappeared. Both looked at each other. Again they felt the same power but at some place different. Then Vegeta screamed “BULMA!! TRUNKS!!!”. He flew with such swift towards West City, that Picollo did not know what happened for a second. Picollo thought “What do I do ? Go to West City as Vegeta’s support or go to Roshi’s place to see if anyone is alive or injured”. He then sensed a faint energy at the Island. He thought to himself “I should help Master Roshi. I cant let him die. Vegeta can atleast go toe to toe with that person. He is a Saiyan God now”. He flew towards the island. When he reached, he saw two people laying on the ground. Both of them, just an inch from death. But both were in a better condition than Dende. They were fighters unlike Dende. He first took Master Roshi inside. He then took the other person, whose power level he did not detect at all, Yamcha inside too. Over the years, he had learnt about medicine from Dende. He bandaged both them. He then flew towards West City. As he flew towards West City, he noticed that the huge power was still there at West City. He asked himself “Hasn’t Vegeta reached yet ? Was he beaten by this new person ?”. Then suddenly the power vanished and it was suddenly in the direction of Goku’s house. He realized what was going to happen there. He raced towards the house and hoping everything will be alright there.

Vegeta reached the Capsule Corporation. He found that Bulma was unconscious. She was breathing but faintly. Then Trunks arrived and cried out “MOM!!!!!”. “Where were you Trunks ? You could not feel that power ?” he said angrily. He wanted to hit his son for his incompetence. Then Trunks replied “I have no idea about what your saying, Father. I never felt ‘this’ energy your saying. I felt your power racing here so felt something must be wrong so I came here”. This got Vegeta thinking “How is possible to mask one’s energy level of such magnitude. And to reveal it only to selected one only ? This doesn’t make sense”. Trunks cried out in terror “Dad can you feel this energy ?? It is coming from Goten’s place. It is an unfamiliar ki. Gohan and Goten can be in danger. We have to go help them“. “You stay here with your mother. I will make this guy pay for what he has done to Bulma”.

Picollo reached the place. What he say put him in a state of disbelief and anger. He saw Videl and Chi Chi fainted. Pan was crying. Gohan beaten to pulp was on the ground. He was laying in a pool of blood. Picollo rushed to his aid. He tried waking up Gohan. Gohan woke up and he told Picollo “Protect Pan and Videl and my mother, this guy is too strong”. He fainted. Anyone who would have seen Gohan’s state would have agreed to one fact, Gohan was beaten brutally. It was as if someone had a grudge on him. Then Vegeta arrived at the scene and asked “Where is he ? I am gonna kill this guy”. He vanished as soon as I reached near”. Vegeta replied “It seems that you are losing your abilities Namekian. He still here. I can feel him”. Suddenly Picollo felt this power above them.

“Who are you ? Why are you after our friends ???” Cried out Picollo. “Don’t you remember me ?”. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Vegeta exclaimed “This is impossible. Gohan defeated you”. Picollo exclaimed “You bastard, you attacked women and children. We are gonna beat you”. The mysterious person replied “What your saying Vegeta is true but Picollo you can try to beat me”. By saying this he prepared for the clash. Vegeta flew up and kicked him. He flew in a distance. Vegeta then unleashed a barage of energy balls. He then replied “Well sorry Picollo if you don’t get a chance to try to beat him”. “Well Vegeta it seems you will have to let Picollo try now. You wont be able to do the job now”. Picollo fired a special beam cannon but the guy deflected it. “Both of you wait now. We have company now”. Trunks and Goten arrived at the scene. Trunks cried out “We are sorry father. We cant stand behind while you both fight”. Goten cried out to Picollo “Who is this guy ?”. “That guy killed your father 2 decades ago”. “Well now you guys are four. This wont be an even fight. Let me call my support”. Suddenly another guy appeared. “This crazy. Is this some sort of magic !!! WHAT IS YENMA DOING!!!THERE ARE DEAD GUYS WALKING IN THE REAL WORLD” cried out Vegeta. “Now we can fight evenly Vegeta. Who is this brat. He looks like Goku. Your mine you brat whoever you are. I am already taken care of you father. Fear not I have not killed him, not yet” said the new guy. Goten replied “You know my father ? I am not that easy to beat. You dumbass alien”.

Now suddenly a fight ensued between the two groups. Trunks and Goten fought with the new guy while other two people fought with the already present person. Within seconds each of them felt a blow either to their head or their stomach. The new guy told the kids “Allow me to introduce myself. I am FREEZER. I am not Frieza or Cooler. They are one now. Fear my wrath now” He then laughed with malice. On the other side the person held Vegeta and Picollo by their heads and told them “ I am BOCELL. Bojack and Cell both beaten by Gohan have come to have their revenge in him”. All the fighters fell down. All lost their consciousness. Then Freezer replied to Bocell “We should leave them. We will destroy them completely but not now. Let them lick their wounds”. Both of them disappeared. 


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